Sunday, 26 August 2007

KPE Episode 137 - Aquarius

"Aquarius - My Ohu Year: the diary of Starshine Penny 1975" by Jill Brasell. Sharon Rose has read this book from the 'My Story' series and Elizabeth is her DJ for the podcast. Early in 1975, Estelle's mum leaves home to join a commune in the country, taking Estelle, aka Starshine, with her. At Aquarius, everyone lives together as one big family. But living off the land, without money, electricity or running water, isn't the paradise they all hoped for...
As the girls discuss in the podcast, it is hard for people living in the 21st century to understand why anyone would choose to live like that - with no electricity or television and wearing those hippy clothes!


  1. Well done girls!I think you captured the message and the story perfectly.It was quite a long read, so congratulations on fitting it all in to one short podcast, while still retaining the essence of the book.
    Ashleigh Burt.

  2. THis podcast was fantasic,i hope i get to here more of you girls.

  3. Well done girls!That podcast about Aquarius" was very interesting to listen to.I really liked the way both of you girls spoke quite clearly.By Xeneqe.

  4. Hello Elizabeth and Sharon Rose! This is Miss Lintz, all the way from the USA! SO lovely to see your smiling faces. Your podcast was fantasticly done. Such great enthusiasm in your voices and very well written and thought out, you are both so clever. I'm so proud of you!
    Hope all is well on your side of the globe!
    Love from Miss Lintz

  5. I think your podcasts are great. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hey Elizabeth and Sharan Rose I really enjoyed listening to you gus podcast that book sounds like a good book to read and I really like your Korero.

    From Rasil Room EIGHTEEN

  7. Hey,Great podcast girls.Loved your expression Elizabeth you to SharonRose.I bet everyone knows who you guys are now LOL.What a very interesting book SharonRose.Great listening to, very intertaining.Hope to hear another podcast from you girls.From Shenice

  8. Hey girls great podcast I really enjoy listening to you and SharanRoses podcast.That book that you choses SharanRose does sound like a good book to read.

    From Rasil RM EIGHTEEN

  9. Well done!
    Hi my name is Tawhio Te`riini.I liked your podcast.It was very cool.
    Joseph and Tawhio

  10. Hi SharonRose and Elizebeth

    Great podcast.I enjoyed it alot and I noticed that boths of you girls had spoke clearly. I can't wait for another podcast.