Sunday, 26 August 2007

KPE Episode 133 - "The Midnight Feast"

"The Midnight Feast" by Elizabeth Pulford.
Mele has been reading this book and Lani is her DJ for this podcast. These girls are both in Room 17. The story is about two girls, Tilly and Rosie, who are best friends, but then Margaret comes to stay. Why did she have to come and spoil it all with her tap dancing shoes and make-up? The Midnight Feast they had planned for Tilly's birthday looks like it is going to be ruined.


  1. Hey great expresion.By the way great podcast too.Podcast are interesting to listen to.Every podcast is fantastic.

  2. Hi Lani and Mele,

    Great exprestion.By the way I really enjoyed listening to you and Mels podcast it was fantastic listening to your guys podcast.I hope use bublish a other podcast well thats all from me.

    Rasil Rm Eighteen

  3. Hi Lani and Mele,

    I really like listening to you guys podcast it was fantastic.And your podcast was intresting to.

    From Latisha