Thursday, 18 April 2013

KPE Episode 455: "The Adventures of BeanBoy"

The Adventures of BeanBoy by Lisa Harkrader is reviewed by Darius and Shoal, who are both Year 8 students in Room 21

Never underestimate the power of the bean. Tucker MacBean has been drawing comic books almost as long as he’s been reading them. When his favorite comic has a contest for kids, he hopes he has finally found a way to fix his family—all he has to do is create the winning superhero sidekick . . . Introducing “Beanboy”—the first comic book character to truly harness the power of the bean for good. He is strong, he is relentless, he can double in size overnight (if given enough water). 

Tucker MacBean is in middle school. He's not unpopular, but he's not popular either. He does all that he can to just be invisible, especially from the school bully Sam. Tucker rushes home everyday to make sure he takes care of his special needs brother because his mother works and goes to university. Tucker and his brother love comic books. In the latest issue of his favorite comic, he notices an advertisement for a contest to develop a new sidekick for the superhero. The prize is a full university scholarship. Tucker immediately decides to enter to get his mum the scholarship so she can stay home and not have to work so much, but he knows that he can not work on his sidekick drawings at home while also babysitting his brother. To solve this issue, Tucker asks to join the after school art club.