Wednesday, 25 September 2013

KPE Episode 464: " A Sudden Puff Of Glittering Smoke"

Clevelyn is a year 7 student in Room 19 who has been reading a very interesting novel called " A Sudden Puff Of Glittering Smoke" By Anne Fine. His classmate Howard has been interviewing Clevelyn to find out more about this exciting novel

Imagine if you found a ring on your way to school and it turned out to be magical just by giving it a rub... Well luckily for Jeanie this happened to her and out popped a genie.
Sounds like the coolest thing right?? 

Unfortunately not quite Jeanie is quick to realise that this genie is a rather grumpy one and has a different outlook in the world

Take a listen and find out for yourself how great this book is

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

KPE Episode 463: "Graffiti"

Andrea is a year 7 student from room 19 and has recently read this awesome book called "Graffiti" by Dirk Strasser her classmate Jorja has joined her to get some insight on this interesting novel.

(Dirk Strasser)
"Steven panics when he finds himself at the wrong station. Where is his train ticket and why isn't Aunt Vivien there to meet him?
People ignore him as he dodges and weaves through the crowded streets of Melbourne. He feels lost and alone, when he's suddenly confronted by a bunch of street kids who desperately need his help.
But time is running out for the gang. Can Steven help them . . . before it's too late?"

Why were these street kids in need of Steven's help? You will have to listen in on this fabulous podcasts these two girls have done