Monday, 20 August 2007

KPE Episode 124 -"Really Rotten Rufus"

"Really Rotten Rufus" by Jonathan Dunstan.
Tanisha and Tinei from Room 15 present this podcast.
He's strong. He's Arnold Schwarzenegger with feathers. He's a prize-winning Red with a bad temper and a mean streak a mile wide. As the title ssays, it is the story of a really, really rotten rooster who's about to face the biggest lesson of his life. Can Rufus EVER learn to behave himself? Tanisha tells us what she learnt when she read the book.
Tinei says, " I liked it when Tanisha told me about how Rufus learned his lesson and finally kept quiet. And I liked the pictures in this book."
Tanisha says, " I liked the part when Uncle Angus let him have one more chance to win a ribbon and 2 boys came and poked him with a stick and he fell out of the cage..."Tell them what YOU think of this podcast.

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