Monday, 6 August 2007

KPE Episode 102 - "Good Morning Good Night"

"Good Morning Good Night" by Erin Devlin.
Taiapa and Leilani from Room 16 present this book in episode 102. It is a story that comes with a CD to listen along to as well - in English and in Maori. The story is told through the eyes of a young kiwi bird. Little Kiwi is finding his food and playing lots of fun games- but he doesn't realise that his 'daytime' is night-time for most of his friends! This is a rhyming story.
The script for this podcast was written by a group of children from Room 16 and Taiapa and Leilani were selected to present it. They are all starting their podcasting journey with this episode. Look out for more podcasts from them in the future now that they know how easy it is to do!
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  1. Hey great podcast taiapa.You and Leilani both have good expression.Im looking ford to hear your next podcast.

  2. Hey what's up Leilani thanks for letting me be the DJ auctuly I've got a question for you?what is your podcast going to be?

  3. that was a great pocast TAIAPA and LEILANI I can't wait to your next podcast LEILANI and TAIAPA

  4. The thing I like about good morning,good night,is that they finish well.