Monday, 6 August 2007

KPE Episode 109 - "Jam- A True Story"

"Jam - A True Story" by Margaret Mahy. Simone from Room 15 has been reading this story and Tinei interviews her for this podcast. In this funny, but true, story the father stays at home and runs the house while the mother goes to work as an important scientist. Father solves the problem of having too many plums on the tree by making jam... lots of jam... Simone says, "I enjoyed reading it. I thought it was a great story. I liked it when he made lots of things out of the jam...."
Tinei says, " I want to read it myself now coz there was a part where they had a nightmare about jam and it made me want to read it..."


  1. Hey whats up guys.I thought your podcast was astonishing.The DJ was great and the reader was awsome.
    You both have amazing voices even one day you both may become world news presenters.Well all i wanted to say was that your guys podcast was great and i hope that you make even more

    Caprice room15

  2. I'm pleased to see you enjoyed the story Jam. I also love this story - it brings back memories of the times my mum used to make jam. The house was filled with the delicious smell and then we had raspberry jam on our toast morning after morning.

  3. Hi Tinei nice I really enjoy listneing to you and Simones podcast.yous both have amazing voices'well all I wanted to say was that use both gave it 100 persent.I hope you and your partner simon dose another podcast.

    Rasil room 18