Sunday, 30 March 2008

KPE Episode 163 "Nightmare"

"Nightmare" by Elizabeth Pulford is reviewed by Jordan with Jama'l as his DJ. Jordan has also drawn this graphic to enhance his podcast.
In this story a group of boys try to keep a girl out of their club by making a rule that you can only belong if you have short hair. Cindy has a lovely long plait and so they think that will fix her. Of course it doesn't! She gets out a pair of scissors - and I think you can guess what happens next.
The boys have a bit of a chat in this podcast about the Niuean custom of the oldest son keeping his hair long. Anyone who knows Jordan will understand why this came up in the conversation. Have a listen to the podcast as Jordan explains what it is all about.

KPE Episode 162 " Skitterfoot Leaper"

"Skitterfoot Leaper" by Barbara Else
Wayjo and Elijah bring us this podcast about a book with a very strange name. It is about a girl called Lindsay, and when her parents are having problems she is sent to stay with her Aunty Jen.
She meets a strange alien creature, a bit like a cat, and they pass through a waterfall and visit a Winter world. Wayjo tells us that this is a book about friendship and helping others. Have a listen and tell them what you think.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

KPE Episode 161 "The Christmas Caravan"

" The Christmas Caravan" by Jennifer Beck.
Tamika is back with her first podcast for 2008 and she has invited Sam, one of her new classmates in Room 18, to be her DJ for this episode. Tamika tells us all about the book and Sam gives us some tips on recycling as part of the podcast.
This is the story of Simon and his mother who live in a caravan park on the outskirts of town. They do not have a lot of money, but this Christmas something special happens for them. And isn't that what should always happen at Christmas?
Simon sees a competition in the newspaper for decorating your house and he asks his mother if they could decorate their caravan and enter. They have a lot of fun using recycled materials to make their caravan look very Christmassy. Although they can't compete against the flash houses and their lights, they do get a special prize from the mayor. He tows their caravan to the beach so they can enjoy a typical New Zealand holiday at the beach in their caravan! Some more good things happen for Simon and his Mum too, but as Tamika says, you should get hold of the book and read it for yourself!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

KPE Episode 160 " The Short Division of the WSS : Case Two"

"The Short Division of the World Secret Service - Case Two: Stolen Children" by Robin Kerr.
This is the second book in the series and Tinei read it during the school holidays and Simone is interviewing her about it. We hope all our blog readers have listened to the podcast before this and have caught on that this is a series we are talking about here. And if you are following the comments you will see that the author has told us a bit more about it too.

In this book Lucie and Rodney are back on the case.
Lucie and her best friend, Rodney, have been officially made agents for the Short Division of the World Secret Service. The World Secret Service resolves dangerous situations threatening the world. The Short Division is responsible for solving the Service’s cases that involve young people.

During Case One: Bobblings, they discovered Lucie’s mother hadn’t died in a car accident years ago, but had been kept as a prisoner all that time. She is undergoing counseling to help her recover from her her terrible experience. Lucie and her family are waiting anxiously for their mother’s return.

Meanwhile, toy company’s websites are being attacked with a virus that paralyzes them. At each attack, a code is left behind. Lucie and Rodney are assigned the case. They have to discover if the virus author is teasing his victims by leaving behind a calling card—or whether the codes are a call for help. At the same time, homeless aid organizations are reporting street children are disappearing. Is it possible the two events are related?

Using their many talents Lucie and Rodney discover where the attacks are coming from. They have to do international travel, rock climbing and a carry out a terrifying underground race before a wicked man’s plans can be stopped.

At Pt England School we really appreciate both the talent and the support of Robin Kerr. First she writes stories we enjoy reading. Second she actually listens to our podcasts and reads our blog! You should read these books too - they are cool!