Sunday, 26 August 2007

KPE Episode 134 - It's all in your mind, James Robert

"It's all in your mind, James Robert" by Rebecca Weber. Matthew from Room 15 has read this book and Jama'al is his DJ for the podcast.
James Robert Howard just can't stop day-dreaming! No matter where he is, his imagination runs away with him. Real life just can't compete with the adventures he creates in his mind. Or at least, that's what he has always thought...
While he is on holiday with his parents, James Robert stumbles across something strange - a real adventure! Does he have the courage, the know-how, the ability to see it through? Maybe, with a little imagination....
The themes in this story match what we are learning this term at Pt England School in our study of the "Wonderful World of Water" . The boys discuss the impact of water pollutants on the environment in the light of what they have been learning over the past weeks.


  1. Hey matthew great podcast and you to DJ.You both have very good exprsion.
    Im looking ford to be hearing one of your great podcast.

  2. Hi Jama'l you guys did a great podcast I had a little laugh at you oh and Matthew you had a great smile Ka pai you guys

  3. Kia Ora Matthew and Jama'l Outstanding podcast I loved the way both of you guys used expresion.You also made me laugh Jama'l.Incredable guys. From Ramona.

  4. Hi Mathew and Jama'l,

    Great podcast you both have great exprision Im looking ford to listening to your next podcast

    From Rasil Rm Eighteen

  5. Hey it me shade that was a good podcast I really liked that that was one of my best podcast