Monday, 31 January 2011

KPE Episode 341: A Dog So Small

"A Dog So Small" by Philippa Pearce is reviewed by Matthew R and Joshua.
This book is set in London and talks about the power of the imagination. Take a look at how it starts...
The story opens with Ben Blewitt waking early on the morning of his birthday, anticipating that he will have a dog of his own. His grandfather had promised him one for his birthday and even though Ben knows the impossibility of having a dog in London, he still expects to receive news of the dog, if not the animal itself, on his birthday. Instead he receives a picture done in wool, of a Chihuahua called Chiquitito (the Spanish word for very, very small) which had been given to Ben's Granny by her son Willy as a souvenir of his third (and last voyage) as a sailor.

Ben is bitterly disappointed and swears never to visit his grandparents again, but he goes to stay with them in their home in the country shortly afterwards.

Listen to the podcast to find out more....

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

KPE Episode 340: Hooligan Wreckit

Aneisha and Selina have been reading a book from the Kiwi Bites series.  

"Hooligan Wreckit- Golldfisherman" by Liz Dickson is quite a crazy story. Check this out for starters...
"Julian Eckett's belt hook of his cargo pants lassoed the arrowhead of the ancient iron railings as he launched himself over them. He tried to look cool, like someone leaning on a fence, as the policeman's torch shone brightly in his eyes. 'I can explain, but it's a secret.' 'Try me,' said the burly policeman."

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

KPE Episode 339: Fantastic Mr Fox

Kayla and Sylvia bring us the wonderful Roald Dahl story called, "The Fantastic Mr Fox". The antics of Bogus, Bunce and Bean - and how they are out-foxed- are loved by readers old and young.  We expect you know this story well.  Why don't you have a listen to these two girls and maybe leave them a comment about YOUR favourite part of the book!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

KPE Episode 338: Ace Reporter

Oshania and Rita present "Ace Reporter" by Quentin Flynn for this episode of KPE.

Brendan Sloan is a reporter for his school newspaper...

"An ace reporter always writes the best stories. Brendon Sloan is waiting for the delivery of a new video game. Then he will be able to write a really good story for the school newspaper. But while he waits, some very strange things happen.
What will Brendan Sloan write about?"

Monday, 10 January 2011

KPE Episode 337: Caught By the Sea

This is Terina and Tauwhare from Room 15's first podcast. They discuss a true story about Rosemary Keating’s ordeal at sea after she and her diving buddy became separated. We hear about how she struggles to survive and find her way back to shore.
Water Safety was a big topic at Pt England School in Term 4 of 2010 because we had the first mobile swimming pool in New Zealand at our our school so all our students could learn water safety.
Find out more about that here and here.