Thursday, 25 September 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday KPE

It is pretty amazing that we have been podcasting KPE for 3 years now. We started back in 2005 and our first podcasters are in Year 9 at secondary school! When we first started out with Mrs Lagitupu, Mrs Tele'a, Miss Meleisea and Mrs Burt, we really didn't have any idea what we were doing (because no-one we talked to knew what a podcast was back then), but we set a goal of publishing one episode every week. We wanted to give our kids a chance to tell the world about the books they were reading and a bit about New Zealand at the same time.
Well today we have published 191 episodes of KPE and we know that not only have we achieved our goals but Pt England kids have read a LOT of New Zealand books.
We have a short movie to celebrate our birthday (thanks very much to Jordan in Room 17 for the fabulous graphics) and we have published a Voice Thread as well. We would love you to figure out how to use the Voice Thread and to leave us a birthday message. We know lots of you have listened to KPE so please join in the celebration with us.....

Monday, 22 September 2008

KPE Episode 191: "Schnitzel Von Krumm's Basketwork"

"Schnitzel Von Krumm's Basketwork" by Lynley Dodd
It is great to see Leander and Brennah from Room 17 back with another podcast. This time they have chosen to talk about a book from one of New Zealand's favourite authors - Lynley Dodd. No kiwi kid grows up without having lots of her books read to them. This is another story from the famous band of dog friends. Schnitzel von Krumm was the little dog first seen in one of Lynley Dodd's Hairy Maclary books and she has gone on to write three books about him. In this one about Schnitzel Von Krumm, he is outraged when his misguided family decides to replace his worn out, beaten up, smelling old basket. He doesn't like his smart new basket and tries to find something else that's cosy and comforting. But no where is quite right. Eventually his family get the message. You will enjoy hearing these girls tell you all about it and why don't YOU tell US which is your favourite Lynley Dodd book....

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Congratulations Stanley Bay School

Last year many of you will remember us having a group of students come and visit us from Stanley Bay School in Devonport. We showed them what we had learned about making podcasts and we had some fun making podcasts together. Then we posted a vodcast of the event on kpeTV. We have uploaded a copy of that movie below incase you missed it.
We were very excited for them when we started seeing in the media that these kids have become authors of a book and have published it.
Of course we wanted to read it so we ordered a couple a copies for our school library and some of us are reading it so we can be the first to podcast their book. Keep an eye out for that podcast in the near future. And congratulations to Stanley Bay School from the kids at Pt England School!

KPE Episode 190: "Splatter"

"Splatter" by Janice Marriott
Mokani and Colin have been reading another book by one of our favourite New Zealand authors - Janice Marriott. When you listen to this podcast you will be able to tell that the boys really enjoyed this story. It is about a boy called Darryl who joins Greg and Sam for the ride of his life. He goes on a quad-bike tour that involves lots of mud. You probably could guess that from the title and at one stage our podcasters even tell us that their favourite part of the book was all the mud! Of course mud is on everyones' minds after all the rain we have had this Winter. Everytime we go outside we are stepping though mud and lots of our Winter sport has been played in the mud.
We hear from Colin about his experiences when he used to live in Samoa and got to ride a chopper motor bike and a scooter around his family's property. And Mokani tells us about riding a motor bike when he was on holiday in the Cook Islands. Have a listen, we know you will enjoy this one...

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

KPE Episode 189: "Not NIce Stories"

"Not Nice Stories" by John Parker
Xeneqe and Tanisha are both in Year 6 and they bring us a very entertaining podcast about a book with 4 short stories. By the sounds of it each of the stories is pretty wacky and very funny. They are the kinds of stories created around 'What if..?" situations. They tell us about one of the stories in great detail - "Superbrain". In this story, Barney Jordan, who is an impressive speller, decides that always eating sheep’s brains is the reason why he always achieves top marks in school tests. Things start to happen though, and his behaviour starts to demonstrate some very scarily sheep-like characteristics.
As the girls point out, New Zealand is the land of sheep, but these sorts of things do not really happen down here! Give the podcast a listen and read the book. Then tell us what you think of the stories...

Monday, 8 September 2008

KPE Episode 188: "Selafina"

"Selafina" by Catherine Hannken

Portia and Uani podcast Episode 188 of KPE and bring us a delighful picture book about a Samoan family and the young heroine, Selafina.
It is Selafina's 10th birthday and Nana is coming from back from Samoa especially for it. Nana used to live in New Zealand but she went back to live in Samoa some time ago. Selafina is very excited and, as a special welcome, wants to dance the siva for her Nana. She has never been brave enough to dance the siva before and so she asks her cousin to help her learn it.
As you listen to this podcast you will not only learn about a very interesting book but you will also learn about some Samoan customs and culture. The girls also discuss Pt England School's upcoming Pasifika festival and tell you about the dances they are learning for it.
Tell them what you think, and let them know if you can dance the siva...

Sunday, 7 September 2008

KPE Episode 187: "Uncle Tease"

"Uncle Tease" by Ellen Javernick
This book was podcast by Uani and Tamika from Room 18. It has been a while since they have shared a book with us and it is good to hear from them again.

In this book about friends and friendships a pair of twins are pretty upset over the fact that their uncle is going to get married, because "married people aren't much fun." They try to come up with ways to destroy the romance, and then have second thoughts about it.
At one point in the story Uncle
Tease gives the kids torches and tells them how to flash coded messages to each other. The book includes a table of the letters and numbers of the International Morse Code. You will even hear Tamika and Uani having a go at this.
Listen to their podcast and tell them what you think of the book.