Sunday, 26 August 2007

KPE Episode 128 - "The Curse of Being Pharoah"

"The Curse of Being Pharoah" by Janice Marriott. Sarah from Room 18 has read this story and discusses it with Joseph.
Janice Marriott is one of our favourite authors and we have fond memories of the day she spent at Pt England School.
From the beginning of time until last Monday, Matt was the bully and know-it-all in our class. Karen Kwon was the quiet kid at the back who no-one remembered to ask to birthday parties.
But last Monday, everything changed. Now Matt sits at the back of the class, as quiet as an Egyptian mummy. Karen is giggly and happy... This story is about how this big change happened!


  1. Hey Sarah i love this podcast..i would love to her more....Joseph you were a awsome DJ....Sarah you had so march expression...It will need tro find this book an read it myself..
    i would love to do a podcast myself..thanks and i would love tro hear more from you...
    By Leilani....

  2. Hey Sarah and Joseph I really liked the way you guy had expression in your voice well Jose ph you wewre a awesome DJ I thought it was really amazing book I hope you have more podcasts

    cheers from Stefani