Sunday, 25 November 2007

KPE Episode 154 - "The Super Duper Pooper Scooper"

The Super Duper Pooper Scooper' by Susan Frame is another book in the Kiwi Bites series. Leauma has been reading this story and Kelvin is his DJ. These boys were interviewed by a reporter from Radio New Zealand while they were recording this episode and were on National Radio on Sunday November 25. There is even a podcast of the interview on the Radio New Zealand website. How cool is that! The story is about a boy who resents having his Grandfather come to stay but discovers he is very useful to have as a friend when he gives him a winning idea for his Science Fair project. The boys tell us the the message the author is telling us is one we know well at Pt England School.... "Better Together". It sounds like a really good read.

KPE Episode 153 - "School Lunches"

'School Lunches' by Margaret Mahy. This is another story in the Wibble Wobble anthology. It is presented by Lanivia and Moses from Room 17. We know some of you will have read this story yourselves. Why don't you have a listen and tell the boys what you think of their podcast. For anyone who hasn't read it yet, this is a story about two girls and what they eat for lunch. You will also get to hear about healthy lunches at Pt England School in this podcast. And Moses shares his very yummy looking lunch with us too!

KPE Episode152 - "Pania of the Reef"

'Pania of the Reef' by Peter Gossage.
Rasil and Iese from Room 18 introduce this well known and loved New Zealand story. This is Iese's first podcast.
It is a legend about a sea maiden called Pania who lived on the reef. She fell in love with a man who lived on land and they had a son called Moremore. Every morning Pania would return to her sea people, but her husband was afraid that one night she would not return with their son but stay with the sea people. He tried to keep Pania on land by placing cooked food next to her and their son while they were asleep. He hoped she would eat it and never be able to go back to the sea again, but his plan didn’t work and she did go back to the sea people and never returned.

Monday, 19 November 2007

KPE Episode 151 - "Beyond the River"

Beyond the River by Joy Cowley.

This book is a collection of short stories for young people aged 10 - 14 years.
These stories for young people are set firmly in the South Pacific. Most of the stories are from Aotearoa/New Zealand and most are fantasy. All of them are water stories, according to John who has been reading it. Matthew is DJ for this episode and he interviews John who is his classmate in Room 15. Both boys are in Year 5. John tells us all about one of the stories in the book called the "Sea of Peace". This story is set on a farm in New Zealand and is about a boy called Brian who is having his 18th birthday. He is going through a hard time because he failed his end of year exams and can't get a job. The boys recommend this book and think that you would enjoy reading it too.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

KPE Episode 150 - "Walking Lightly"

"Walking Lightly" by Fleur Beale. Tiana has read this book and teamed up with Mele again for Episode 150 of KPE. Wow, can you believe that? We have been podcasting KPE for two years now and have published 150 episodes.... that means we have read 150 books too. Ka pai Pt England!

Walking Lightly is a great read about a bunch of really rich kids who do all the things that we see rich kids on TV doing. But one of them is different. her name is Millie and she is into pretty ordinary things for a rich girl. She likes the same kinds of things ordinary kiwi kids do - camping, canoeing, fishing, sport - and she doesn't go off on flash holidays or spend lots of money. This makes the other kids at her school think she is pretty strange - until one day they end up on an adventure and they come to realise that she is independent and extremely resourceful. And they really need her help. Tell them what you think about the podcast....

KPE Episode 149 "Midnight Rescue"

"Midnight Rescue" by Robin Kerr is the book reviewed in this episode. Lanivia from Room 17 has been reading the book and asked Kelvin to be his DJ. This is Kelvin's first podcast.
Midnight Rescue is a story about a girl called Kate who moves to a new town with her family and has to leave her friends behind. The first kids she meets at her new place are two boys called Chris and Alex. They think they are really cool because they got a book out of the library about abseiling and they are trying to teach themselves how to do it. They don't know that Kate is a very experienced abseiler and even owns her own gear. They tell her that she can't join in with them because girls are scared of heights. Well you can guess from the title of the book that someone has to get rescued, and we can tell you that it wasn't Kate! She was the one who was DOING the rescue. Lani is sure you will enjoy reading this book as much as he did. Why don't you get it out of the library and see for yourself?