Wednesday, 27 May 2009

KPE Episode 223 :" Storm"

KPE Episode 223 :" Storm" by Margaret Beames
Shontal and Victoria from Room 18 discuss this book by another New Zealand author.
It is about a girl called Erin who has never had any doubt about what she wants to do when she leaves school. She wants to be a farmer like her father and mother. Erin loves being on her family farm for the school holidays. Trouble is, Erin gets stuck with the boring chores and her parents don't think she's capable of much else. Try as she will, Erin finds that the boring jobs around the farm don’t keep her from daydreaming and, as a result, neither of her parents has any confidence in her ability to concentrate and complete a job properly. Things, however, have a habit of changing and Erin has to call on all her concentration and resourcefulness to help her father after he has an accident on the farm.
We wonder if any of you have ever been on a farm? Did you like it? Tell us if you think you would like living on a farm....

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

KPE Episode 222: "Weaving Together"

"Weaving Together" by Dawn McMillan
Selena and Angela are Year 5 students who have made a great job of their very first podcast. They have chosen to share this wonderful New Zealand book about Jamie and her grandmother who are making a woven memory of all the wonderful and sad things that have happened in their lives. They choose colours that will remind them of special events. Soon it becomes more than a piece of art and Jamie realises that both her past and her future are part of the weaving.
As you listen to this podcast you will not only find out about the book, but also about some of the lovely memories these girls have shared with their Grandmothers.
Why don't you tell them about YOUR grandmother in return?

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

KPE 221: "A Can of Worms"

KPE Episode 221: "A Can of Worms" by Peter Bromhead

Cruz and Blessing talk to us about this
incredible story about a boy called Angus who discovers something moving in a can of spaghetti he opens. He believes the spaghetti is alive but nobody else seems concerned at his amazing discovery! His mother is too busy to look and his sister thinks it’s just another practical joke. So Angus takes the spaghetti to school and tries to get help from the teachers. They can’t help so Angus consults rocket scientist Dr Von Brawn, who even rings up NASA, but no luck! An Italian chef and a worm farmer have a part in this story too.The book seems to have some pretty 'yuck' things in it from what we hear, but they really enjoyed reading it.
We wonder how many of you like eating spaghetti out of a can? Or do you prefer real spaghetti?

Thursday, 7 May 2009

KPE 220: "Tom Thumb"

KPE Episode 220: "Tom Thumb" by Gavin Bishop

Ala and Toreka are publishing their very first podcast. These girls are Year 5 students and they are in Room 15. This book they have chosen to review is subtitled " The True History of Sir Thomas Thumb" and is written by a very popular New Zealand author at our school.
They tell us that this book is a collection of stories that Gavin Bishop has made up about the famous tiny fairy tale creature and they particularly like the one called "Tom Thumb and the Big Fish" and that is the one they tell us about. We hope you enjoy their podcast, and if you also like Gavin Bishop's books, we recommend you listen to 'Stay Awake Bear', 'Chicken Licken', 'Piano Rock', 'Bidibidi'
and 'Kiwi Moon'.