Monday, 20 October 2008

KPE Episode 194: "The Supertastic Marvelistic Storiez and Poemz"

"The Supertastic Marvelistic Storiez and Poemz" 4 kidz by kidz! John, Tinei, Jaydn and Simone went to Auckland's North Shore to track down the authors of this book. This book is a collection of short stories and poems that have been written by students from Stanley Bay School. We had enjoyed hosting them at Pt England School last year when they came to learn about podcasting from our Year 6 students.
Their goal is
to raise money for a local cancer charity, Kenzie's Gift. We read this book and chose our favourite stories before we set out to interview the authors of the stories. It was a treat to meet the students from the 2 classes involved in this project, to hear all about how they set about writing and publishing a book, and to make a podcast for KPE with them. This podcast is different from our usual format because we are actually interviewing the authors and we have a number of people contributing to it. We have really enjoyed making the podcast and we recommend this book as an excellent read. You should go to their website and order copies of the book for yourself (- or for your school library if you are an adult). Let us know what you think of this collaborative episode in the comments below....

KPE Episode 193: "Strange Tales From the Mall"

"Strange Tales From the Mall" by Bobb Kerr
Portia and Tamika have produced this podcast and created the graphics to accompany it. This book is a collection of 6 stories centered on the mall where Rusty and his friends meet to eat and shop, but there's something strange about the mall. Tamika talks about her favourite story in the collection, and what happens when Rusty buys a pair of very peculiar jeans from the shop "Walk on the Wild Side". You will want to check this book out as it not only comes highly recommended by our podcasters, but it also won a NZ Post Junior Fiction award back in 1999.
They tell us that their favourite mall is Sylvia Park. Why don't you tell them which is your favourite mall?

Thursday, 16 October 2008

KPE Episode 192: "Sheep Are Not Very Clever"

"Sheep Are Not Very Clever" by Bob Darroch is the latest podcast published on KPE. Jordan from Room 17 has been reading this story and he is interviewed by his classmate Meshaq. Jordan has also drawn some cool graphics to illustrate this podcast.
We live in a country with a lot of sheep - in fact we have about 10 sheep for every person in New Zealand. But that doesn't mean we all know a lot about sheep because we don't have any in Auckland city. So we hope that as you listen to this podcast you will find out a bit about New Zealand sheep farms as well as enjoying the story.
This story is about Sebastian, the sheepdog with the bad attitude, who is about to meet his match! When Sheree the sheep and her other woolly friends decide they're not going to be pushed around any more, things on the farm take an interesting turn.