Sunday, 12 August 2007

KPE Episode 115 "The Lost Watch"

"The Lost Watch" by Philippa Werry and Alice Bell.
This podcast is presented by Tiana and Kayla from Room 17. Both girls are Year 6 students.
This story is about a boy who takes his father's birthday watch to school and loses it.
That would be bad enough, but Henry lets his baby sister take the blame for it. When the watch turns up Henry has to find a way to return it to Dad without letting on that he was the one who took it....
Tiana enjoyed the story, but she thought that the way Henry let his baby sister take the blame was pretty sad. See what you think when you read the book....
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  1. Hello Kayla and Tiana

    I just heard your latest podcast. It was really cool. I can't believe that he wanted his Dad's present. He should have waited till his own birthday and told them what he wanted. And it wasn't very nice when he blamed his sister.

    By Matthew

  2. Hi Kayla and Tiana

    I really enjoyed listening to your podcasts.That book sounds like an interesting one to read.I thought that the dad lost the watch under the sofa,i agree that it wasn't fear that the baby girl got the blame,Henry should have owned up. It was mean that they called the baby that baby even though she didn't do it.

  3. Hi Kayla And Tiana

    I really liked listening to your podcast.When I first heard it,I thought that dad lost the watch but it was actully Henry.I agree that Henry shouldn't of taken the watch without asking dad.I Don't think its fear that Claudier got the blame.I would agree if Henry just owned up.I can just remember how Henry took the watch,he took it when dad was in the shower.

  4. Hi Kayla and Tiana

    I really enjoy listening to your guys podcast.I loved the way use presented it.And I love your voices they are fantastic'keep it up.

    from Rasil

    room 18