Thursday, 16 August 2007

KPE Episode 116 - "The Boy With Two Shadows"

"The Boy With Two Shadows" by Margaret Mahy is brought to us by Rasil and Sarah from Room 18.
It is the story of a boy who takes such good care of his shadow that a witch notices and asks him to look after her shadow while she goes on holiday. This was not a good move on his part for two reasons. First of all he scared everyone as he walked around towing the witch's shadow. Secondly, the witch's shadow had a mean streak and tormented his own shadow until it ran away.
The girls enjoyed this story even though they tell us that, from their knowledge of shadows, it was not possible!

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  1. Hey Sarah nice podcast I really like your vocie.What a fantastic book you chose that was great I hope you do a nother podcast with one of your friends.

    From Brenda