Sunday, 19 June 2011

KPE Episode 362: "Hooligan Wreckit"

This is a VERY popular book at Pt England School and a number of children have chosen to podcast it over the past 5 years.
Have a listen to this rendition of "Hooligan Wreckit" by Vivienne and Brooklyn from Room 17.

Julian Eckett is trapped on the park's iron fence, late at night, with a dead goldfish in his bag and a police car approaching. The belt hook of his cargo pants lassoed the arrowhead of the ancient iron railings as he launched himself over them. He tried to look cool, like someone leaning on a fence, as the policeman's torch shone brightly in his eyes. 'I can explain, but it's a secret'.....

Hooligan Wreckit, Goldfisherman, by Liz Dickson

Thursday, 16 June 2011

KPE Episode 361: "Budgie"

Jessica and Vanessa from Room 17 have podcast "Budgie" by Steven Woolman.

Lou's little blue budgie is her best friend. He keeps her company and cheers her up when she is sad. One day Budgie flies away, and she is devastated. She does everything she can to find her friend. Will she ever see him again?

KPE Episode 360: "End of the Alphabet"

We have another Fleur Beale podcast to share with you. In this episode Vivienne interviews Litia about "End of the Alphabet" - a book Litia has been reading in the holidays. You will find this a detailed and fun review of this book - we highly recommend you take a listen.

Ruby Yarrow is a 14 year old who lives in a busy, loving, chaotic family with her mum, stepdad, brother and two little stepbrothers. Ruby feels a bit like a doormat - she has to help out in the family a lot while her brother doesn't. He wins lots of prizes at school and she has a learning difficulty and needs a reader/writer to help her in exams. Ruby's surname Yarrow is at the end of the alphabet and when the roll gets called out she's always at the end and she hates it. She feels she's always at the end of the line. Not that she's a misery bag at all. She has great friends and loves clothes, fashion magazines and sewing and she's got a real knack for it. She's very keen to go on the school trip to Brazil and so gets a job to earn the money to go - works in a supermarket for an old grump, learns a bit of Portuguese, meets exchange students….

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

KPE Episode 359: "Grandma Joins the All Blacks"

You will enjoy this conversation between Donyae and Onosai about rugby! They discuss their own rugby, our own All Blacks and of course Grandma - the heroine of this story.

When Grandma finds out the All Blacks are sick and tired of training, she combines her famous zest for life with a hearty helping of her special marmalade, and soon has the team back on track for the big test match.
"Grandma Joins the All Blacks" is written by Helen McKinlay.

They have learnt from this that you should do good things to those who help you - that does sound like a familiar saying, doesn't it!

Monday, 13 June 2011

KPE Episode 358: Emily's Hens

Vanessa and Jessica from Room 17 have been reading " Emily's Hen" written by Rosie Boom.

This is one of several stories in a School Journal and is about a girl called Emily who wanted to keep hens. She gets her way and then quickly learns that hens require a lot of care and she has to look after them.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

KPE Episode 357: "The Magic Wand"

Makalita and Alexandria have been reading "The Magic Wand" by Ursula Dubosarsky . This is a book in the Aussie Nibbles series.

"When Becky's little brother Ed annoys her, she puts a spell on him with her magic wand, and he disappears! Where is he? Has he really disappeared? Becky is worried."

They tell us the korero for this book is, "If someone is annoying, you shouldn't do something bad to them. Don't let your anger get the best of you!"
Aussie Nibbles: The Magic Wand by Ursula Dubosarsky