Sunday, 30 May 2010

KPE Episode 263: "Rugby for Rosie"

In this episode of KPE Toreka interviews Mubasshira about a VERY popular book at Pt England School - "Rugby for Rosie" by Frances Adlam.
 Mubasshira has added a great new twist to this podcast because she has made sure that there are no spoilers in the podcast script BUT, for those who really want to know what happens, she has published a post on her own blog which gives you more details.
So why don't you listen to this podcast and THEN click here and check out the rest on her blog.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

KPE Episode 262: "Black Water"

"Black Water" by Eve Bunting

Angela and Selena from Room 17 do a great job of introducing this novel through KPE. Their lively discussion and cliffhanger ending (no spoilers in this podcast!) will leave you wanting to get the book out of the library.

This is what the publishers say about the book:
"Thirteen-year-old Brodie Lynch was ready for the perfect summer of adventure along the awesome Blackwater River. That was before everything changed forever. When a harmless prank goes too far, the unthinkable happens. Brodie's lies make him a hero, but inside, his guilt tears at him like the treacherous current of the Blackwater itself, which has become a horrifying reminder of his part in the tragedy. In this gripping new coming-of-age novel, a young boy is faced with a choice between right and wrong and ultimately learns that truth can offer hope in even the darkest moments."

Thursday, 20 May 2010

KPE Episode 261: "Crash"

Ala and Selena discuss "Crash" by William Taylor in the latest episode of KPE.
Read this synopsis of the story, listen to their podcast, and we think you will be wanting to read this book for yourself!

"Jack is nearly sixteen and as he becomes older, he is finding that having a Down’s Syndrome brother is becoming harder and harder for him to bear.  He considers Poddy to be a hindrance and a nuisance, he thinks Poddy is useless.
Poddy, on the other hand, adores his big brother.  Always eager to share with him, Poddy seeks out opportunities to be with Jack and to help him. 
An afternoon at the rugby turns to disaster when their car crashes on the way home. Badly injured, barely alive, Jack and his father wait for help. Everything Poddy has ever been told or taught is called upon as he struggles to bring help for the people he loves most in the world...."

Monday, 17 May 2010

KPE Episode 260: "Splatter"

Skyracer Purple - Splatter"Splatter"  by Janice Marriott is brought to us by Kingston and Starford who are Year 5 students in Room 15 at Pt England School
This book is sure to appeal to all New Zealand kids who have ever wished they had a Quad bike to race around on!
Read this teaser...
"Darryl joins Greg and Sam for the ride of his life – a quad-bike tour that involves a lot of mud! He knows he’s in for a tough ride when Greg tells him, ‘Next stop, the water bog!’"

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

KPE Episode 259: "My Sister's a Burp"

Matthew and Joshua
"My Sister's a Burp" by Gretel Killeen is a whacky story chosen by Joshua and Matthew from Room 17 for this episode of KPE. 
This is the fourth book in a series about Zeke and Eppie's crazy adventures. When the teeny-weeny Zeke and Eppie are accidentally swallowed by their mum, it's the start of an adventure full of bubbling brains, evil eyes, bouncing bottoms, hysterical hair and ticklish teeth and that's all before Mum realises that Zeke and Eppie are even missing. Can Zeke and Eppie save Mum's life, and their own, or is this the end?
Have a listen to their podcast and let them know what you think about this book....

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

KPE Episode 257: "The Music of Dolphins"

Mubasshira and Toreka
"The Music of Dolphins" by Karen Hesse is podcast by Mubasshira and Toreka from Room 17.
The novel thay have chosen to read is about a 'wild girl' , Mila, who is discovered swimming with the dolphins, and the story of people's attempts to make her truly human. Mila creates headlines around the world when she is rescued from an unpopulated island off the coast of Florida. She has been raised by dolphins from the age of four and is now a teenager. 
Researchers teach Mila language and music. She learns, too, about rules and expectations, about locked doors and broken promises, disappointment and betrayal. The more Mila finds out what it means to be human, the more deeply she longs for her island home.

You can read this book online here.

KPE Episode 258: "Famous"

Chante and Vivienne
There are a few books at Pt England School that are extremely popular and they turn up time and again in our podcasts. "Famous" by Elizabeth Pulford is one of these. Chante and Vivienne are Year 5 students from Room 15 and they have chosen this for their first podcast.

We are also VERY impressed by the photography skills of Heather, who is also in Room 15. She took such stunning photos that we were blown away by the talent of a 9 year old. We decided to create a special slide show just to show off Heather's photography skill.
What do you think?

Monday, 10 May 2010

KPE Episode 256: Claudia and the New Girl

"Claudia and the New Girl" by Ann. M Martin is a book in the well known Babysitters Club series. Toreka and Ala from Room 17 have chosen this book for their latest podcast and have obviously had some fun with the book and the recording and photography session for the podcast.
"There's a new girl at Stoneybrook Middle School named Ashley Wyeth. She has three holes pierced in each ear and wears long petticoats, bell bottoms, & hippie-style headbands. The other kids at school think she's weird and maybe stuck-up, because she never talks to anyone. She only talks to one person: Claudia....."

Which is your favoutite Babysitter's Club book?
Why don't you let us know in the comments below.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

KPE Episode 255: "Help! I'm Trapped in my Teacher's Body!"

"Help! I'm Trapped in my Teacher's Body!" by Todd Strasser is podcast by Erene and Kayde from Room 17.
This book is about a kid named Jake Sherman and his teacher, Mr Dirksen. Jake the kid always gets in trouble with his teacher Mr Dirksen because he always messes around in class. One day something happens that changes everything. Mr Dirksen changes into Jake and Jake changes into Mr Dirksen. At first Jake doesn't want to be Mr Dirksen, but after a couple of days he likes it because he can do things that a kid can't do. Mr Dirksen likes to be Jake because he never had a childhood and now he has a chance to be a kid! 
We are sure you will want to read this book when you have listened to their podcast!

Monday, 3 May 2010

KPE Episode 254: "Fish Tale"

Shoal and Ashleigh
"Fish Tale" by Lorraine Orman is a VERY popular book at Pt England School.  

Ashleigh and Shoal from Room 15 have chosen to share their thoughts about it for their very first podcast. 
Take a listen and if you have read this book, why don't you tell them which is YOUR favourite part of the story!