Sunday, 26 August 2007

KPE Episode 130 - "Famous"

"Famous" by Elizabeth Pulford. Tiana and Jaydn present this podcast about a boy who is desperate to become famous. But why would a kid be so worried about being famous anyway? Because this kid comes from a family of famous people and he just wants to be like the rest of them. Grandad is famous for his sunglasses collection; Grandma is famous for her wonky woodwork; Mum is famous for her heart-covered car; his sister is famous for her tattoos. He tries all kinds of things in his effort to become famous and none of them work. Then one day fame arrives in a most unexpected way!
Tiana is in Room 17 and Jaydn is in Room 15 and they worked together on this book that both of them had read.

1 comment:

  1. Well done Jaydn and Tiana.
    You guys done a great job podcasting.Your podcast was every interesting to listen to.I would like to be famous to.It was nice listening to your podcast.