Sunday, 26 August 2007

KPE Episode 132 - "The Dog I Share"

"The Dog I Share" by Janice Marriott.
Tanisha and Ramona from Room 15 tell us about another one of Janice Marriott's books. This story is about a girl who lives in a block of flats in the city. When a new tenant with a dog moves into her block of flats, Becky gets very excited. But the new neighbour isn’t very friendly, so Becky has to think of a plan if she is going to get to play with the dog.


  1. Well done girls!this podcast is great i would love to hear more of us!!By Leilani.Rm16

  2. Perfect girls.It was funny because the way Tanisha said "Sure".Next time Ramona,try not to speak to slow.
    Great Effort Girls.By Xeneqe.

  3. Hi Ramona and Tanisha,

    I just finished listening to you guys podcast it was fantastic but try not to speak slow.Well I am looking forward to hearing your next podcast.

    From Rasil Rm Eighteen

  4. I had a fun time listening to your podcast. Tino pai e nei kotiro ki te mahi i enei mahi.

    Ko toku ingoa ko Venus
    Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Manawatu ki rangi tane.
    Palmerston North.