Sunday, 12 August 2007

KPE Episode 112 - "The Great Pavlova Cover Up"

"The Great Pavlova Cover Up" edited by Jo Noble.
This is a collection of New Zealand stories for children and was read by Sarah. Her DJ for the podcast was Elizabeth. Both girls are Year 6 students from Room 18.
Sarah chose three stories from this anthology to review in the podcast; 'Jonathon Peabody's Extraordinary Mother', 'Porridge', and the 'Great Pavlova Cover up'.
This book comes highly recommended by the girls. They found the collection of stories interesting and varied. 'Great Pavlova Cover up' was the favourite, though Sarah and Elizabeth both tell us that their mother's would know if the dog ate something that they had cooked and the family tried to replace it with a bought one!
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  1. Hey girls I like your podcast because .I like your voice. I hope yous do a another podcast next week

  2. Hi girls
    I really like your photo. It is really cool. Yous have a cool podcast. I like Elizabeth's voice. It is nice.