Sunday, 12 August 2007

KPE Episode 111 - "A Mouse Singing in the Reeds"

"A Mouse Singing in the Reeds" by Ron Bacon and Mary Taylor.
Set in a distant time and place this beautifully illustrated story tells us of how a young boy discovers the magic of making music.
One day a young boy is sent by his mother to cut reeds by a river. As he walks home with his bundle of reeds he hears mysterious whispering sounds. What are these sounds he wonders? Where are they coming from? And as he walks through the rising wind, the whispering sounds grow louder.
Cain from Room 14 has been reading this story and Jaydn from Room 15 interviews him. Both boys are Year 5 students.

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  1. Good podcasts must like reading ron bacons books.Im looking ford to hear your next podcast.