Wednesday, 5 September 2007

KPE Episode 138 - Legs on Everest

KPE Episode 138 - Legs on Everest by Mark Inglis
This special episode of KPE is brought to us by Leauma and the Mayor of Auckland, Dick Hubbard. Yes, you read it right! Mr Hubbard is a KPE fan AND he has read a New Zealand book AND he wanted to learn how to make a podcast. So he did the best thing he could and made an appointment with the podcasters of KPE for a lesson. Mr Hubbard brought his wife along for the session too (because she used to be a teacher you know) and they listened to Lorenz, SharonRose and Sarah tell them how to do it. Then they watched Mele and Tiana give a demonstration. Finally Leauma sat the Mayor down at the microphone and interviewed him about the book he has been reading. "Legs on Everest" is a story with a very important message and we know you will enjoy hearing all about it on this podcast. And well done to Tinei and Simone who took the photos for this podcast. All round, it was a great team effort. Tell us what you think!


  1. Hey. Great podcast. That was a really cool interview Leauma did with the Mayor. Great pics too. you guys rock!

  2. Kia ora Year 6.
    Wow. You are wonderful teachers. Thank you for teaching me how to podcast. You explained everything so well and I enjoyed listening to Sharon Rose and Elizabeth's podcast. You are a great interviewer, Leauma. I have just listened to Episode138 Legs on Everest and I feel proud of what I learned today. I am going to do some podcasting on my website soon.
    Kia Kaha, Dick Hubbard, Mayor of Auckland

  3. You guys ROCK!! How famous are you now Leauma!! Sounds like a great read too, what an amazing man he was.
    Keep up the great reading.
    Mrs Nua

  4. Wow. How cool was that podcast! We were really impressed with the way SharonRose, Sarah and Lorenz explained how podcasting works. Tiana and Mele did a great job showing how to do a podcast, and Leauma was a champion DJ. We still can't quite believe that the Mayor of Auckland was in our class. How lucky of us! Keep up the great work PES.

    Ms Erick and Room 15.

  5. Hey Leauma and the Mayor of Auckland. I really enjoyed listening to use bothes podcast.How famours are you now Leauma'you have done a good job doing a podcast with the mayor of Auckland.

    From Rasil from room EIGHTEEN

  6. Dear Mr Dick Hubbard
    This is Leauma the one who did your first podcast on KPE!!! We hope you liked it. Pt.England school liked our podcast I mean your podcast. Me (Leauma) Mele,Tiana,Sarah,SharonRose,Lorenz LOVED your book that you brang to talk about it touched us all and that day I thought that day that I might take your job one day HAHA L.O.L
    nah just jokeing any way we loved having you do your first podcast.
    Keep subscribing to KPE!!!!
    Lots of LOVE Leauma (:

  7. Hey,Leauma you and Mr Dick Hubburd did a awesome podcast on Everest on legs.You did really well doing a podcast with the Mayor of Auckland Leauma.You guys did a really good job.Guess your famous now LOL.Cheers

  8. Hey Leauma i really liked your podcast with the mayer of auckland i wonder how it feels like to do a podcast with a famous person.Great picture you guys took.Keep the good podcasting up.From Cruz. RM 18

  9. Kia ora
    Leaumu, I am glad you liked the book I brought. Diana and I have been telling everyone about our visit to Pt England School. It was the highlight of the week for us. Your whole class all worked together like a World Cup podcast team. Lorentz ,Sarah and SharonRose were great teachers and the demonstration by Mele and Tiana was great. The photos by Tinei and Simone look terrific.
    The whole classroom was buzzing.
    I was blown away by your enthusiasm for reading. The way you all work as a team makes me think you could be the mayor and a great Auckland City council team.
    Arohanui, Dick Hubbard, Mayor of Auckland

  10. Great podcast guys.

    I really liked the way Leauma drew Dick Hubbard out and got him talking naturally and enthusiastically about the book that he liked reading.

    I hope Mark Inglis listens to your podcast as well.

    Miss K

    Appleby School


    New Zealand

  11. Kia ora,
    i love this podcast you ROCK!!!!
    Leauma you are so lucky to be a DJ for the Mayor of Auckland!!!I cant wait to hear more for you and congralation Dick hubbard for making your first podast!!you chose the right DJ.i hope i get to hear from Dick hubbard and Leauma...see you later..By Leilani Utupo and Room16!

  12. Hey,

    What a great podcast Mr Hubbard. I think it had a really good meaning. You done reall well and we hope you enjoyed your experience podcasting.

    Pt England Primary =)

  13. Boy, you guys did a great job on the interview! Leauma has a voice that he uses with expression, and the collaboration the team members showed resulted in a worthwhile effort....well done, guys.

  14. I didn't know anything about podcasting before now. Seems like you and your school friends are having a blast, it is cool to see that Dick, came to your school tooo keep up the hard work.