Friday, 31 August 2012

KPE Episode 432: The Secrets of Droon, Journey to the Volcano Palace

Kayde and Matthew from room 20 have done a great review of "Journey to the Volcano Palace" by Tony Abbott, which is one book of a great series called The Secrets of Droon.

Imagine having your very own teleport in the basement of your house which sends you to a magical place when ever you want. Lucky for one boy named Eric he has that.
He noticed that he was having the same dream over and over again you will be there within a week.

Funnily enough Eric has two other friends who also come across this same dream and have both visited Droon.

As the friends were teleported to this magical world, little did they know there was a specific no humans policy. 

And what would be a magical world without a distressed princess, who is in need of help from the three friends to help find her magic jewel.

Will they find the magic jewel and avoid being captured...

You will have check out this awesome podcast

Thursday, 30 August 2012

KPE Episode 431: My Diary Journey to Tangiwai

Seini - Mino and Jarna from room 20 have come together to review one of New Zealand's very own true stories, "My Diary Journey to Tangiwai - The Diary of Peter Cotterill" by David Hill.

This story is based on a significant event in New Zealand of the Tangiwai disaster in 1953, through the eyes of a boys diary named Peter Cotterill from Napier.

Peter had received a diary from his great aunt as a gift for his 13th birthday. He writes about what goes on in his everyday life including his uncle who fought in World War One, his scouts and the paper run.

Peter is very much into his scouts and is preparing for a medical based scout competition that if they win, will travel up to Auckland where the major competition is held.
To get to Auckland Train was the cheapest form of transport. 

The Christmas eve train ride will become a ride Peter will never forget ...

"David Hill does a fine job of giving us some solid historical background while he tells this story"

                     Seini - Mino and Jarna have done a fine job themselves, Check it out

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

KPE Episode 430: The Mysterious Four - Hauntings and Heists

"The Mysterious Four" by Dan Poblocki is a nail biting series that Mubasshira and Sylvia from room 20 have done an excellent review on. Take a listen!

Three friends Sylvester, Rosie and Woodrow live in the neighbourhood of Moon Hallow. When a new girl named Viola arrives in to the neighbourhood the three friends welcome her into their group only to find out she solves mysteries as a hobbie.

The group took a liking to Viola's hobbie and decided to form their own crew named the 'Mysterious Four'. Moon Hallow became a neighbourhood full of mysterious lurking around every corner waiting to be solved by the Mysterious Four.

Check out this awesome podcast these girls have created for this very intriguing book!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

KPE Episode 429: Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship!: The Diary of Debbie Atherton, Wellington, 1968 by Shirley Corlett is reviewed by Vivienne and Ashleigh from Room 20.

It tells the story of the tragic sinking of the Wahine ferry in 1968 in the words of 12 year old Debbie Atherton.

It is 1968 when Debbie's grandmother gives her a copy of her forefather's old sea journal. She finds it fascinating and very different from her own diary of school life and troubles with friends. One day, sick in bed, she thinks her long-dead relative is trying to tell her something. And then she boards the ferry Wahine for a voyage to Wellington. 

We think you will enjoy this podcast and learn a lot from it.  If you want to learn more about the Wahine disaster, check out these links; Wikipedia or this TV News broadcast from the time when it happened.

Monday, 20 August 2012

KPE Episode 428: The Worst Name in Third Grade

Taeshell and Cheyanne from room 17 have come together to create a fabulous review on "The Worst Name in Third Grade" by Debbie Dadey.

One morning Mrs Holiday announces that she is leaving and moving to Texas as her husband as been offered a job there.
Unfortunately for third grader Bridget, she doesn't have the best of last names, and tends to get teased at school, but Mrs Holiday is the only one who doesn't laugh every time her name is called on the roll, and loves her for that.

When she finds out her favourite teacher is moving, Bridget is very worried that the new teacher will laugh at her name. 

What is Bridget's last name.... 
You will have to listen to this excellent podcast to find out 
whats so funny about her last name!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

KPE Episode 427:The Clue At The Bottom Of The Lake

Wyatt and Calvin from room 17 together have recorded an excellent review of " The Clue At The Bottom Of The Lake" by Kristiana Gregory, which is part of a great series called "Cabin Creek Mysteries"

12 year old Jeff spots a suspicious looking boat out on the water in the middle of the night. He noticed that it was dumping a huge clump of something into the water.

Jeff's dad and uncle both warned him and his cousin not to go exploring on what was called the lost island. But curiosity got the best of them. As soon as they stepped foot on the island the boys had a weird feeling and felt that something just wasn't quite right.

And yet the boys still carried on searching for anything that could lead them closer to what they really want.

A fabulous thrilling story that is strongly recommended!
Take a listen

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

KPE Episode 426: Gorilla

Lisia and Jorja from room 17 joined forces to create an awesome podcast on 'Gorilla' Anthony Browne.

A girl named Hannah has a passion for Gorilla's, but longs to actually see one in real life. Unfortunately her father always seems to be too busy to take her to the zoo. On her birthday Hannah receives a present from her father, only to be let down by a stuffed Gorilla, which doesn't really compare seeing one in real life.

To Hannah's suprise her toy gorilla comes to life....Was it all a dream ?

                             Take a listen to this fabulous review by Lisia and Jorja

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

KPE Episode 425: It's A Girl Thing

Vivienne and Osana from Room 20 have teamed up to create a review of "It's A Girl Thing" by Sue Lawson for this latest episode of KPE.

This is a great story for girls growing up in a world where every time you turn the TV on you see competitions for aspiring singers, dancers and anyone who (thinks they've) got talent!

In this book Mickey Farrell has a dream to be the hottest singing sensation in the country. But first she has to survive the gruelling challenge of the DIVA competition. This is a singing competition, the chance for TV fame.

These girls have had some experience themselves through PEPA (Pt England Performing Arts) which they share during this podcast.

Check it out!