Monday, 28 September 2009

KPE Episode 244: "Brian's Brilliant Career"

"Brian's Brilliant Career" by Pamela Rushby is podcast by Rachael and Sela from Room 18.
This book is about a boy who gets talent scouted when a TV News crew visits his school. He joins a talent agency and he does some work on commercials. During the course of the podcast you will hear about some of the incidents that happened when Brian started making advertisements.
Both these girls have experience presenting on Pt England's own television news show, PENN, and they conclude that presenting is a better option than acting in commercials after reading this book.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

KPE Episode 243: "30 Weird and Wonderful NZ Stories"

Mubasshira and Seini-Mino from Room 15 discuss one of the stories, "Mr Wardback and the Topsy Turvey Show" , from this collection of short stories for children. It is about a man who does everything backward (clue: take a look at his name, and think very carefully about this one....).
The girls do a good job of talking like him on this podcast as well.
Have a listen and tell them what you think....

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Happy 4th Birthday KPE!

September the 24th
This means that
Korero Pt England is
FOUR years old today!

So this year, to celebrate our birthday we have decided to re-publish our first ever podcast on the KPE blog. This podcast was made way back in the day before podcasts had pictures and so we have remixed it a little. Our original podcasters, Miriam and Anahera, are now in Year 10 at secondary school, so we searched through the archives to find some pictures of them to enhance the podcast.
We have also made a banner from some of the photos in our archives which you can see below. You will see that we had to use a lot more equipment back in the day, and we recorded our podcasts in the corridor. We also want to acknowledge Paul, who created the original logo for KPE back in 2005.
And for any adults reading this who want to know more about KPE, click here for research information.

Let us know what you think of our original podcast, four years later....

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

KPE Episode 242: "Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms?"

Do you really want to know? Well then, Aidan and Cruz from Room 15 discuss this book which has delighted countless New Zealand kids; "Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms?" by Dawn McMillan & Bert Signal. This fun story provides an answer to the age old question and Dawn tells us that Bert Signal first heard about it in an old 1930's rugby song. That would be fun to listen to as well.
This book is so popular with Pt England students that it was one of the very first podcasts ever published on KPE back on Sept 24 2005. It was Episode 3 of KPE and was presented by Paul and Livingston who are now in Year 10 at college. You can listen to their version and compare it by clicking here.
Tell us what you think....

Sunday, 20 September 2009

KPE Episode 241: "Lucky Feather" by Joy Cowley

Like most New Zealand school kids, Lepa and Matthew from Room 15 have read
"Lucky Feather" by Joy Cowley.
Have a listen as they discuss this well known story and see if you agree with the message they have identified from this book.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

KPE Episode 240: "Swimming For Gold" by Joy Cowley

This episode of KPE is another book of Joy Cowley's. This time the podcasters are Selena and Mubasshira from Room 15. Mubasshira tells us that this book is about a girl who uses a wheel chair to get about in on land, but is a very good swimmer. In fact she is a very good swimmer with a BIG heart. When disaster strikes and a boy lands up in the water, it is Esther who dives in and rescues him before the able bodied people around her do anything about it.
This sounds like a story of great courage and we think you will enjoy listening to the podcast below.