Thursday, 16 August 2007

KPE Episode 118 - "Bidibidi"

"Bidibidi" by Gavin Bishop. This picture book was introduced by Carl and Hawea from Room 17. They tell us the story of an adventurous sheep (named after that most annoying plant that all New Zealanders have got stuck in their socks at some time of their life) who went off chasing rainbows. The surprising thing was that after a series of adventures she found her rainbow. As Hawea discovered during the podcast, to enjoy this book you really DO need to use your imagination.
Carl says, " It was an interesting book and I had fun reading it. Making the podcast was fun because I haven't made one in a long time."
Hawea says, " The sheep had a funny name. I wonder how he came up with it. Hey, Gavin Bishop, I have just finished podcasting another one of your books. Could you tell us why you called th sheep Bidibidi? Did Carl guess right?"

1 comment:

  1. Hi carl and Hawea.

    I really like your podcast and my favourite part was every thing really.I know that the next podcast will be cool and it will be funny.

    From Tiana.
    Room Seventeen.