Tuesday, 7 February 2012

KPE Episode 412: "Meet me by the Steelmen"

Shoal reviews a book she read while she was in Room 17 last year, and Brooklyn - our KPE Podcaster of the Year in 2011 - interviews her.
This book is called "Meet me by the Steelmen" written by Teresa Tomlinson. A girl named Jenny, along with her mother and brother, is at a mall called Meadow Hall. Meadow Hall Shopping Centre used to be the famous Steelworks in Sheffield. Jenny’s little brother can’t take his eyes off these towering statues of steelman from the Hadfields Steelworks that used to be standing where the mall now is built. Steve and Jenny get involved in an exciting journey in time in "Meet Me by the Steelmen", when they find something strange about the three great steel statues in Sheffield's Meadowhall Shopping Centre. Jenny and her brother Steve somehow go back in time when they meet by the bronze statues of three steelmen.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

KPE Episode 411: "The Short Voyage of the Albert Ross"

Waata has read "The Short Voyage of the Albert Ross" by Jan Mark while he was in Room 17 in 2011 and Darius interviews him about it.
A young boy finds a raft down by the river but before he can take it on its maiden voyage he must stand up to the school bully.  The day Steven found the raft by the river was special. But the next day John found out about the raft. John was a bully and thought the raft should be his. This is the story of how Steven stood up to John and how the raft fared on its maiden voyage.