Sunday, 26 August 2007

KPE Episode 135 - Google Eyes

"Google Eyes" by Diana Noonan. Mele from Room 17 has read this book and Tiana is her DJ for this podcast. Google Eyes is a story about a boy who buys an old recipe book at a Garage Sale, and discovers an amazing recipe inside when he starts reading. He finds a recipe for reading minds! All he has to do is to look at something google eyed, say the magic words and he can read their minds! He has lots of fun with this new power and our podcasters know you will really enjoy this Kiwi Bites story. have a listen and tell them what you think....


  1. Dear Mele and Tiana

    I thought your podcast was great. I hope you guys publish another one together and hope it is a greater one than one that I listened to

    cheers Latisha

  2. hi mele and tiana i likied your podcast it was cool hope you get some more pubilised from tamika room 16

  3. Dear Mele and Tiana

    Your podcast was great and I wish I could read minds too.From Tanisha

  4. Hi Mele and Tiana,

    I thought your podcast was amazing and I hope you both do a other one but better than now. I am so proud of you two!

    Cheers Rasil Room Eighteen

  5. Hi girls,Loved your podcast.What a very interesting book.
    Great expression and it was very entertaining to listen to.From Shenice.