Sunday, 26 August 2007

KPE Episode 129-"Peggy's Pig"

"Peggy's Pig" by John Tarlton. Rose has read this book and Brennah interviews her about it. The girls enjoyed this wacky story about a girl called Peggy who lives on a pig farm and gets teased all the time by her classmates who have horses for their pets. Peggy's pet is a pig called Laffy and one day after the kids have been teasing her again she tells them she is entering Laffy in the local kids' horse-racing derby. She she will be racing against them - on a pig!
These girls are Year 5 students in Room 14. Rose says, "I liked this story because Laffy beat the horses and the other horses went around in circles and three riders fell off!" Brennah says, "It has a funny picture on the cover. It must be a fast pig."


  1. I enjoyed listening to your podcast. You have very good expresion.Just like you Brennah I have never seen a little girl riding a pig before.Great podcast.


  2. Hi Brennah and Rose, this book sounds interesting I'm going to get it out of the library and read for myself. I might even lend it to some of the girls in my class after I've read it!

    From Miss MacKinlay :)