Wednesday, 14 August 2013

KPE Episode 462: "The Battle Begins"

Underworlds #1 "The Battle Begins" is written by an American author named Tony Abbott.
Vivienne from Room 21 has been reading this book and her classmate, Brooklyn, interviews her about it for this latest podcast episode.
There's something lurking under Owen's school. . . .
Owen Brown is your average fourth grader. Or he was, until his best friend, Dana, disappeared. Right in front of his face. Through the floor of the school.
Owen's average life has turned upside down.
He's determined to find Dana -- before anyone realizes she's missing. Owen sets out on a mysterious, mythological rescue mission with his friends Jon and Sydney. But what none of them know is that Dana's disappearance is part of a much larger riddle.
And they're at the center of it.

Vivienne tells us,  "The moral of the story is to never give up. Whether it's in a sports game, treasure hunt or even if you are trying to find someone just like this story. Never Give Up! "