Friday, 20 June 2008

KPE Episode 178 " Freaky Fish"

"Freaky Fish" by Feana Tu'akoi is brought to you by Simone and Kathleen from Room 18. In this latest book from the Kiwi Bites series they tell us about Richard and Braden who have to enter a Wearable Arts competition and come up with an idea that is a little bit strange. They really want to win this competition because they want to beat Candi and her mates AND Braden's famous dad will be there with a television crew. Braden is desperate to show him that he can be a winner too. They create a Freaky Fish and enter it in the Oceania section of the competition. In the podcast Simone doesn't tell us whether they win or not - but if you have read this book you could give us some clues in the comments!
And FYI (for your information) don't forget to keep checking out some of our first podcasts because you would be surprised how many people visit older ones and still leave us comments- including this author who visited today...

Monday, 9 June 2008

"Rock Our World" with Maui

"Maui and the Sun" retold and illustrated by Gavin Bishop
At Pt England School we are fans of Gavin Bishop and like reading the books he has written and done the artwork for. A group of our Year 5 and 6 students have recreated this story to share with students around the world as part of the Rock Our World project we have been involved in. One of the things were were learning about with ROW08 was the sun, so we decided to share this Maori legend.
We have published several podcasts about books by Gavin Bishop. Check out Bidibidi and Kiwi Moon and Chicken Licken to see some of them.

If you like what we have done, you could check out more of our Rock Our World work posted on our Flickr account.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

KPE Episode 177 "Matatuhi"

"Matatuhi" by Robyn Kahukiwa is presented by Sela and Destiney from Room 15.
It is the story of Mata, a young Maori girl, who has been adopted into a Pakeha family. She knows very little about her Maori heritage.
A long time ago, Matatuhi, a fabulous weaver and a woman with special powers, dreamed of making a special cloak, and of meeting a young girl with fair hair and green eyes. Many years later, in modern times, a girl named Mata is adopted by Pakeha parents. She has fair hair, but brown skin. On a class visit to the museum one day, Mata is entranced by a beautiful cloak, and a carved female figure with a chin moko who seems to speak to her. Later, she dreams of feathered cloaks and an old Maori woman with a moko. After the visit, Mata discovers her whakapapa and decides to use her original Maori name – Matatuhi.
What happens next changes her life forever.
To download a Quicktime version click here.
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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

KPE Episode 176 "Lacey and the Drama Queens"

"Lacey and the Drama Queens" by Fleur Beale.
Leilani from Room 18 has read this book and is interviewed by Ramona. Fleur Beale is a popular author at Pt England School and she brings us another slightly whacky story with an interesting message.
First we hear all about the wedding of Lacey's cousin in Perth, Australia and all the drama that the bridesmaids create as they get ready for the big day. Then when Lacey returns to New Zealand
her best friend Vanessa acts really mean. And when the new girl at school, Belinda, tells the girls that their beloved hip hop teacher doesn't know what she's doing, things get really tense. Lacey just wishes everything could get back to normal.
Leilani tells us that there is another book in this series and she is hoping that our school library will get it in soon coz she wants to read it.
Another book by Fleur Beale that we have podcast is here.
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