Monday, 20 August 2007

KPE Episode 122 - "Happy Birthday Mrs Felonius"

"Happy Birthday Mrs Felonius" by Joy Cowley is presented by Caprice and Ramona from Room 15.
These girls are both in Year 5. What do you give a pirate for a birthday present? After you have listened to this podcast you will have plenty of ideas! In this story Captain Felonius grants his wife's birthday wish to go to Piratesville to see her grandchildren. But their voyage runs into problems - getting lost, storms and blizzards, hostile strangers, running aground, and pirates! Caprice says, "It was really funny, especially the ending. Mr and Mrs Felonius think the other ship is their enemy but it's their grandchildren coming to surprise them. It's really good to read. Big kids might find it really interesting and funny." Ramona says, " I really liked hearing about when they blasted the catapult because it was really funny. Caprice made it sound like an interesting book..." Tell them what you think of their podcast...

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