Wednesday, 26 October 2011

KPE Episode 384: "Wearing the Poppy"

Chante talks to Brooklyn about "Wearing the Poppy" by A J Toledo.
If you have ever wondered;
Why do New Zealanders wear red poppies on ANZAC Day? What is ANZAC Day all about? Why does a flower mean so much to so many people? 
Then this book is for you...

This moving story of the first ANZACs is told through the experiences of one family, whose letters, diaries and memories bring to life New Zealand in the First World War. How the red poppy came to symbolize a lost generation is a poignant and fascinating account, filling in the gaps for young New Zealanders who are discovering their own family history.


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

KPE Episode 383: "Sniwt"

Vivienne from Room 17 interviews Shoal about "Sniwt" by Justin D'ath.

You will have guessed that this is TWINS backwards. The main characters in this story are twins called Sally and Olly. These twins are kidnapped by aliens, and as the story goes along there is a lot to get your nodz around! Two zzziplas, one pair of twins, a blinding pink flash and then - ffzzzzzpwt! - goodbye Sally and Olly, hello Solly and Ally. Twins become sniwT. And only the Chykkans can fix-up the mix-up.
Tell us what you think....


KPE Episode 382: "The Cabbage Patch War"

Starford and Kingston review "The Cabbage Patch War" by Paul Jennings for this episode of Korero Pt England.

What does this story include? Try this....
A barbecue from hell. Spuds on the roof. 
A visit from the police. It was war, 
a fight to the finish between Dad and Whacka. 
And Chris was right in the middle of it. 
All because Dad vomited in the cabbage patch. 

Monday, 24 October 2011

KPE Episode 381: "Attacked"

Shoal and Ashleigh have been reading "Attacked" by G Brassi.  
This is a very popular book with Pt England kids and you will discover why when you have heard this podcast.
Attacked is the story of a fishing adventure which takes place around the islands near Whitianga. Livvie goes fishing with Jack and his dog, Serge. When Jack is attacked, Livvie has to overcome her own fears, not to mention engine problems, to get them all back to shore in one piece...

KPE Episode 380: "The Base"

Onosai and Kobe review a book called "The Base" by Carlo Gebler.
As well as learning about "The Base" we find out in this podcast that both of these boys have lived on a farm before they came to live in Auckland!  See if you can figure out where they lived.
In this story:

"The Coin children are delighted when they find an abandoned shed, perfect for their new base. But when they disturb some surprising visitors, they realize it's not only their secret...."

Friday, 21 October 2011

KPE Episode 379: "Giant Jim and the Hurricane"

Tau has has been reading "Giant Jim and the Hurricane" by Jeremy Strong. Donyae interviews him for this podcast.
Check it out....

When Giant Jim comes to town, people are terrified they'll be eaten, or squashed. But Jim is a good giant - he only eats omeletes, likes music and wants somewhere to live. Unfortunately he just can't do things right. He makes a racket with his saxophone, squashes the Town Hall and his hen even lays a giant egg on the library - and so he is banished. When a hurricane hits the town Jim's hen looks after people while he puts the town back together again. People are delighted and Giant Jim is allowed to live in a huge barn in the town.....

KPE Episode 378: "Wonderful Wheels Day"

Alexandria and Makelita have been reading "Wonderful Wheels Day" by Philippa Werry and Alice Bell. Read this taster below, listen to the podcast, and tell them what you think. Maybe you have read this book too and can leave your opinion below...

Henry’s teacher Miss Grace wants to reward room 4 for their excellent work
and behaviour. If all the students keep trying hard they will get a Wonderful
Wheels Day at the end of the term. On Wheels Day you get to bring inline
skates or skateboards or bikes to school and ride them around the playground
while everyone else is in class. Everyone in room 4 is excited – except Henry.
Henry is dreading Wheels Day. He can’t ride a bike or use rollerblades. The
trouble is he has no balance. Henry is worried that he will make a fool of
himself in front of all his friends and plans to come up with a way of getting out
of Wheels Day.

KPE Episode 377: "Zac's Wild Rescue"

Donyae has been reading "Zac's Wild Rescue" by H.I. Larry and Waata is his DJ for this podcast. This book is from the Zac Power series and in this book Zac has two new gadgets to test drive. Are they cool enough for Zac's wild rescue at the zoo?

As well as listening to the podcast, we recommend you visit the very cool website developed around the Zac Power series.

Monday, 3 October 2011

KPE Episode 376: "The Witches"

 Thea and Gloria from Room 13 are back with another engaging podcast for KPE.  These young ladies may only be in Year 4, but they sure know how to spin a good yarn and make you want to read the book they are discussing!

This time they have chosen to review "The Witches" by Roald Dahl.  Roald Dahl has his own website.

This Roald Dahl classic tells the scary, funny and imaginative tale of a seven-year-old boy who has a run-in with some real-life witches! "In fairy tales witches always wear silly black hats and black cloaks and they ride on broomsticks. But this is not a fairy tale. This is about REAL WITCHES. REAL WITCHES dress in ordinary clothes and look very much like ordinary women. They live in ordinary houses and they work in ordinary jobs. That is why they are so hard to catch." Witches, as our hero learns, hate children. With the help of a friend and his somewhat-magical grandmother, our hero tries to expose the witches before they dispose of him.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

KPE Episode 375; 'Rose's Challenge'

"Rose's Challenge by Sherryl Clark is reviewed by two of our Year 4 students, Thea and Gloria from Room 13.  

In their very first podcast for KPE they have chosen the third book in an Australian series about a girl named Rose who lives in 1900 and is determined to change the world!

Although this book is part of a series, these two girls have done a great job of giving their listeners a clear idea of what is happening in the story (without giving away the ending) and we are sure you will want to get your hands on it to have a read.  You will enjoy the story as well as finding out about life in very different times from how we live now.

Rose's journey continues in this, the third of four books about a Federation girl who's determined to do things her way! Rose is finally allowed to go to school - the magnificent St Swithin's! But Rose has never been to school before - will she be able to keep up? Will she fit in? And will she be allowed to join the cricket team?! In the meantime, change is afoot in Melbourne: Federation is imminent, and the suffragette movement is gathering force. When Mother gets ill and Aunt Alice takes a position in a poor state-run school, Rose realises that she has taken a lot for granted - but the changes taking place around her will change Rose's life forever...