Monday, 6 August 2007

KPE Episode 103 - "Little Blue Penguin"

"Little Blue Penguin" by Elaine Power.
Rose from Room 14 has been reading this book and Rasil from Room 18 is her DJ. The story is set in Auckland and is about the adventures of a little blue penguin who is looking for a friend to play with. Of course it looks in all the wrong places before finally discovering another penguin in a cave under a pohutakawa tree.
Rose is in Year 5 and Rasil is in Year 6.

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  1. Hey Rasil and Rose

    I really Liked listening to your podcast because it had nice expression it was really cool i wish you taught me how to do one

    cheers Brenda

  2. Hey Rasil and Rose

    I really Liked your podcast the reason why is because it really had good expression I wish you taught me how to publish a podcast like your one

    cheers April in room 13

  3. hey rose,

    wow nice podcast really awesome .

  4. wow

    rose you look really diffrent big change ,
    #BEAUTIFUL ;-)