Wednesday, 4 December 2013

KPE Episode 474: Astrosaurs - The Seas of Doom

Kingston is a Year 8 student in Room 20 who is being interviewed by Darius from Room 21 who is also in Year 8. Kingston has read an interesting book called “Astrosaurs - The Seas of Doom” written by an author called Steven Cole.

Captain Teggs is no ordinary dinosaur - he's an astrosaur! Along with his faithful crew, Gypsy, Arx and Iggy, Teggs rights wrongs and fights evil. Teggs and his crew have been sent to a watery planet where a very large and scary monster has been attacking a local fish factory. When Teggs and Gipsy travel down to the bottom of the sea to check out the monster, they come under attack themselves. Find out what happens next!

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