Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Episode 424: Down The Back of The Chair

Timoteo and Kyal are both year 6 in room 17 and have done an excellent review on "Down The back Of The Chair" by Margaret Mahy and illustrated by Polly Dunbar

Dad has seemed to have misplaced his keys, just as he was heading for work. Without his keys he can't get to work and if he doesn't make it to work, he won't get paid!

Fortunately they manage to locate his keys and funnily enough they were 'DOWN THE BACK OF THE CHAIR'  
As well as finding his keys to the car he discovers many astonishing and wacky things

  "A packet of pins

and one of the twins,down the back of the chair. "

      Take a listen to this fabulous review i'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Episode 423: The Ugly Hatchling

In this episode Jonathan and Evan are both year 6 from room 17 and have done an excellent review on "The Ugly Hatchling" by Yvonne Morrison.

When a greedy stoat tries to steal one of New Zealand's iconic birds from its nest, on its travel back to its home, he stumbles and the egg lands in a Pukeko nest amongst the other Pukeko eggs. 
When a Kiwi hatches he realises that he is very different looking to the rest and doesn't understand why?

He would rather be awake and playing at night whilst the other chicks are fast asleep

On one night the kiwi goes off into the night only to find himself at a house, and is startled to see himself on nearly every piece of furniture inside.
What will happen to this little wee Kiwi...



Take a listen to Jonathan and Evan's
awesome review on New Zealand's very own version of the "Ugly Duckling"