Friday, 30 November 2012

KPE Episode 448: The ANZAC Button

Faa'ao is a year 6 from room 17, who has recently interviewed one of her classmates Ane about The ANZAC Button by Judy Raymond.

" A long time ago, the button had been important. 
It was sewn carefully onto a khaki jacket 
and polished until it shone. 
Its shiny surface reflected the soldier's pride 
as he marched on parade"

Ella's grandfather was too a veteran of war and had once worn the khaki jacket and ANZAC button in battle. It in fact saved his life as a piece of shell hit him, but luckily hit the button first and bounced off. If it weren't for the button Ella realises she would not have been here today.

In memory of her Great Grandfather Ella wore his button on the parade once again.

April the 25th, marks the date when New Zealand and Australian troops landed in Gallipoli during the first World War, it was a very significant battle in both New Zealand and Australia. Every year on the 25th April we remember these soldiers who fought for our country and Dawn parades are held all over the country in honor if them.

                                 Take a listen to this fabulous podcast 

Thursday, 29 November 2012

KPE Episode 447: Sid and the Slimeballs

Jonathan and Timoteo are both year 6 students in room 17. Jonathan has shared with Timoteo the details about Sid and the Slimeballs by Phil Cummings 

Sid was the school nerd who always got  teased at school, One day a girl named Jane approached Sid and handed him a radio and headphones, while he was minding his own business a boy took the radio and headphones off him.
But Sid's luck was about to change... the manager of the rockband Slimeballs which happens to be everyones favourite band discovered Sid and wanted him to perform at school.
After his performance the rest was history!

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

KPE Episode 446: The Magicians Nephew

Gloria is a year 6 from room 17 has been reading The Magicians Nephew, by the great C.S Lewis. Lisia recently interviewed Gloria to find out about this wonderful book.

Want to know how Narnia was created ??
The Magicians Nephew is in fact the prequel to The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, and tells the tale of how Narnia came to be created.

This fantastical novel will have the audience gripping in anticipation, just like it had Gloria. It is a great read for anyone who loves a mix of fantasy, adventure and mystery. 

Whilst Digory and Polly are playing they stumble across Digory's uncle Andrew who tricks Polly in to touching a yellow ring in which she vanishes, He  explains to Digory that these rings allow you to travel between two worlds and he should go after Polly.
Digory is transported to a woodland that has several pools, he finds Polly nearby. The two friends realise that this in fact is not another world, but a 'Wood between the worlds'. They soon realise that the pools are actually 'doors' that lead to a separate universe. 

What will the pair find... Take a listen to this very detailed podcast and find out what adventures they come across

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

KPE Episode 445: EJ12 Rocky Road

Gloria has had the pleasure of interviewing Kaycee about the novel, EJ12 Rocky Road by Susannah McFarlane. These two girls are both year 6 in room 17 who have put together a fabulous podcast that will make you want to read the book for yourself.

Emma Jacks, is special agent EJ12 an is apart of the Shine agency. She can do pretty much anything, but when it comes to performing in a school talent show with her friends she becomes all shy and timid. 
When her agency hasn't had any messages from Shadow (the 'evil agency) lately. And they know that they're planning something.
It becomes Emma's mission to find out what there up to and put a stop to it 

EJ12 is yet another fabulous book apart of the amazing Girl Hero series that many of the students love to read. Take a listen to Kaycee and Gloria's podcast on their review of this book

KPE Episode 444: Blessu

Zyrin and Timoteo are both year 6 students in room 17. Timoteo had recently finished a book called Blessu by Dick King Smith and illustrated by Adriennne Kennaway To find out more about this book Zyrin interviewed him for some insight on what happens

When someone sneezes people around them normally respond by saying 'Bless you' right ?
So when a baby elephant sneezes for the first time his family says bless you, but the baby elephant does not understand why they are saying that to him, and assumes that this must be his name.

But the baby elephants reason for why he keeps sneezing is that he has hay fever, which is a common allergy that occurs when the baby elephant is walking amongst long grass, but when the grass stops flowering the baby elephant no longer sneezes. 

Timoteo has done an excellent review on Blessu and has even given us detailed information  that you may not have known before you listen to this awesome podcast.