Thursday, 28 October 2010

KPE Episode 321: "Saving Moonbeam"

Selina and Aneisha from Room 17 have chosen "Saving Moonbeam" by
Sherryl Clarke for their next podcast.  This is a horse story, which is quite different for Pt England kids. 
Gemma, the heroine of the story, can see that the poor horse is starving, and she plans to help him any way she can.  Why is everybody trying to stop her?

Bill Nagelkerke’s "Old Bones"

We are very proud at KPE to be mentioned on the Christchurch City Libraries Kids Blog on October 21st. We are also proud of Ala and Selena for their podcast of Old Bones, which is highlighted - because it is set in Christchurch.
Well done KPE podcasters. As they said on their blog, Keep 'em coming!!


KPE Episode 320: "Too Ghoul for School"

"Too Ghoul for School: The In-Spectres Call" by B. Strange is the latest podcast from Kayde and Matthew T in Room 17.  The "Too Ghoul for School" series is another very popular series of books that Pt England students love to read. Titles in the series include: "Silent but Deadly, The In-Spectres Call, Ghoul Dinners, The Bubonic Builders, Attack of the Zombie Nits, School Spooks Day, French Fright, Terror In Cubical Four".
We see that these books are also available on Nintendo DS as an interactive reading experience.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

KPE Episode 319: "Captain Underpants"

Captain Underpants stories never fail to please our readers at Pt England School and this book is no exception. Matthew R and Joshua from Room 17 bring us a delightful podcast where they review some of the goings on in "Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy". This is the first two-part story of Captain Underpants book series.
Captain Underpants books are so popular that they even have a Wikipedia page.   

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

KPE Episode 318: "The Killer Cat Strikes Back"

Brooke and Kayla from Room 17 present "The Killer Cat Strikes Back" by Anne Fine

This is the third book in the series about Tuffy the Killer Cat
Tuffy, the killer cat, knows what he likes. And he isn't loving the 'art' that Ellie's mum brings home from her new class. So what's a cat to do?
A scratch here just happens to shred a painting. A nudge there somehow slips a clay pot off a shelf.
Dad hopes a particularly hideous sculpture will be next, but Tuffy's having none of it.
The killer cat will go his own sweet way!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

KPE Episode 317: "The Gizmo"

"The Gizmo" by Paul Jennings is Joshua and Matthew's latest podcast.  You will have noticed that these boys have read heaps of books this term!

This popular Australian author is a hit with our students, and this podcast is about the first book in the Gizmo series.  

When Stephen gives into peer pressure and steals a small round toy, strange things begin to happen.....

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

KPE Episode 316: "Ozzie Kingsford"

Seini- Mino and Sylvia from Room 17 have been reading 
(Five and a bit days in the life of) "Ozzie Kingsford" by Val Bird.
Ozzie and his family get ready for the visit of Uncle Rusty from London. 

As Ozzie says: Prediction: This forthcoming social event will throw my parents into a state of pre-visitor-tension, and our family will suffer from disharmony. And it does. Mum goes into a frenzy of getting the house tidy (read - Ozzie has to clean his room!), the lawn mowed and the menu prepared. The Brat, Snoops, Ozzie and Dad all suffer. Add to that a huge storm, the fact it's nearly Christmas and a few little Ozzie-disasters and it's chaos.
Another hilarious story from Val Bird with brilliant illustrations from her daughter Rebecca Cundy, the second in this series.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

KPE Episode 315: "Josh Kronfeld: Awesome"

Our next rugby podcast is about the Awesome "Josh Kronfeld", player for Otago and the All Blacks.
Joshua and Matthew R from Room 17 have a good old rugby supporters yarn about Josh Kronfeld, the All Blacks and all things rugby. As we count down to the Rugby World Cup being held in New Zealand in less than a year, we are beginning to talk about rugby more and more. So look out for a few more of these podcasts....


Monday, 4 October 2010

KPE Episode 314: "CIA: The Moo-my's Curse"

"Cows In Action: The Moo-my's Curse" by Steve Cole is presented by Erene and Matthew from Room 17.
Professor McMoo is a very clever cow - so clever, in fact, that he has managed to build himself a time machine from discarded farming machinery. He and his two cow friends, Pat and Bo Vine live on the Barmer farm, in fear of the hideous farmer's wife, Betty. But they are also star agents of the CIA - Cows in Action, a crack team of cow commandos! In the future, cows live peacefully with humans as equals, not as food. But some cows in the future try to use the technology of time travel to interfere with history - and the Prof has to help stop that! In "The Moo-my's Curse", the CIA must travel to Ancient Egypt where they suspect a time-travelling ter-moo-nator is impersonating Tutankhamen. As they race through ancient pyramids and encounter terrifying mummies, will they have time to unravel the mystery and restore history to the way it should be? 

Sunday, 3 October 2010

KPE Episode 313: "Lucky Dog"

"Lucky Dog" by Barbara Brenner is podcast by 
Erene and Joshua from Room 17.
Jack is a mutt with a surprising story to tell.  He is rescued from an animal shelter by Baxter and taken to live with their family.  Together they get into all kinds of adventures and you will hear about some of them during this podcast.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

KPE Episode 312: "The Time Machine"

Joe from Room 17 has been reading "The Time Machine" by HG Wells and Joshua is his DJ for this podcast. This classic novella was published way back in 1895 and was the first book to use the idea of a machine to travel way into the future. 

A group of men, including the narrator, is listening to the Time Traveller discuss his theory that time is the fourth dimension. The Time Traveller produces a miniature time machine and makes it disappear into thin air. The next week, the guests return, to find their host stumble in, looking dishevelled and tired. They sit down after dinner, and the Time Traveller begins his story about where he has been. Way into the future and the year 802,701 AD!


Friday, 1 October 2010

KPE Episode 311: "Bill's New Frock"

Brooke and Selina from Room 17 have chosen to podcast "Bill's New Frock" by Anne Fine for this latest episode of KPE. They have also created a short animation of the first time Bill sees himself in a frock - a PINK frock!
If Bill sound's like a boy's name to you, then you will be wondering where the frock comes in.
You need to check out this podcast and all will be revealed....

Brooke and Selina from Room 17