Thursday, 16 August 2007

KPE Episode 117 - "Wibble-wobble"

"Wibble-wobble" by Margaret Mahy is presented by Abraham and Lanivia from Room 17.
This is Abraham's first podcast and he tells us about one of the stories in this collection from Story Chest. The boys enjoyed this story and the discussion about the best way to even up the legs of a wobbly table.
In the story a man was trying to eat his soup but the table kept going wibble-wobble. He thought he had solved the problem by putting a book under one leg to even it up. He had to come up with a better solution when the girl from next door came visiting and wanted Mr Wiggle to read her a story from the book .... that was under the table leg...

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  1. Hi brother!
    It's me Joshua.
    What an interesting story. It was funny how it said" When ever the man sat down to eat the table wobbled.
    Good Podcast!

    God Bless.
    By your brother, Joshua.