Thursday, 24 April 2008

KPE Remembers ANZAC Day 2008

This year ANZAC Day has landed right in the middle of our school holidays so we have not been able to record new podcasts as part of our remembrance.
We would like to remind you that over the years Korero Pt England has published several podcasts of books with ANZAC storylines. Links to the podcasts are included in this post. You may need Quicktime to view them, and kids, if you are at school you will need to type in your passwords to get through schoolzone :) We have chosen three stories that are all about animals! Tell us what you think...
First we have a link to the final podcast made by Kelvin and Leauma in Episode 155. They talk about "The Donkey Man" by Glyn Harper - a story told from the viewpoint of a donkey who carried wounded soldiers and supplies at Gallipoli.
Next we have a story about a very brave dog called Caesar and his handler ‘Uncle Tom’ who helped save the lives of ANZAC soldiers during the First World War. This podcast about 'Caesar the ANZAC Dog' by Patricia Stroud is published by Victor and Montell who are now in Year 8.
Finally we recommend you listen to Alosina and Wilmenna discuss "The Bantam and the Soldier" by Jennifer Beck. They are also in Year 8 now and this story takes place in the midst of the fighting in France during World War I when a soldier named Arthur forms a special friendship with a bantam he calls Bertha.
So there you have it. We bring you a donkey, a dog and a bantam who are all involved in special ANZAC stories.

Monday, 14 April 2008

KPE Episode 167 "Fiapule"

"Fiapule" by Catherine Hannken is reviewed by Paulitia and Sela from Room 15. These girls are year 5 students and they give us some very interesting ideas about family, culture and different ways of doing things as they talk about the book.
Fiapule is invited to his best friend Liam's birthday party, and he really, really wants to go. But there is a problem. The party is on the same day as his sister's christening, and his family won't let him go. Fiapule is taught about fa'a Samoa and learns that sometimes you have to put your family first. You can find out more about this author by clicking here.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about this. What would your family have said if you were invited to Liam's party?

KPE Episode 166 "Mere McKaskill's Boil-Up"

"Mere McKaskill's Boil-Up" by Tracy Duncan.
This wonderful picture book is reviewed by Tiulipe and Keletiola from Room 17. They tell us about the story AND about eating a "boil-up".
In this book Mere McKaskill goes shopping to buy the ingredients for cooking a boil-up. By the time she finishes her shopping she not only has all the food she needs but she also seems to have invited everyone in the neighbourhood home to eat it with her! You will even find a recipe for boil-up in the book.
We know you will enjoy hearing Tiulipe and Keletiola talk about the book. If you want to find out more about the author you could click here.
You can subscribe to KPE on iTunes if you would like to see high quality versions of our podcasts. There is a link on the sidebar on the right that will take you to the iTunes music store where you can subscribe for free to KPE.

KPE Episode 165 "Charlotte Frisbee and the Slime Attack"

"Charlotte Frisbee and the Slime Attack" by Sally Sutton is a new book in the Kiwi Bites series. This book has been reviewed by one of our young readers, Litia, who is in Room 11. She is 7 years old. She asked her big sister Tinei to be her DJ for her first podcast. We know you will love this one!
This is what the publisher says about the book on their website:
"Charlotte Frisbee is the president of a secret club called PAWS (the Perfectly Amazing Word Society). Along with the other members of PAWS – super-brain Podge, extra-serious Bugsy and freaky-looking Simon – the big excitement of Charlotte's week is getting the club together for word games and general language silliness. That is, until one day when strange things start to happen around the school. What has caused the stinky green slime the kids have noticed around the place? And who stole the S's from the school sign and ripped the S section out of Pugsy's dictionary? Charlotte and her friends strongly suspect the Bookbashers . . . but are they really smart enough to plan such a direct attack on what PAWS loves the most? Soon the cause of the mysterious circumstances is revealed . . . and who would have thought that such a sweet little slime monster could have caused so much confusion?"
Listen to Litia and Tinei and tell us what you think. They would love to hear from other people who have read this book too.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

KPE Episode 164 "Otto"

"Otto" by Tomi Ungerer
This is a special episode of KPE for us for two reasons.
First of all it is the first time we have podcast a book written in French!
Second it is sad to be saying 'Adieu' to M Barborin who has been working in Room 18 for a couple of months. M Barborin is a student teacher from France who has been in New Zealand for a teaching practicuum. We have loved having him at Pt England School and will sure miss him.
He gave us this book, "Otto", and helped us to understand it. We will let you listen to this podcast to find out about the book.
We know you will enjoy it.
Tinei and Jaydn
Room 18