Sunday, 12 August 2007

KPE Episode 110 -"Killer Moves"

"Killer Moves" by Denis Edwards.

Mikaela has published her first podcast and Latisha is her DJ. Both girls are Year 6 students from Room 18. This is a book in the Sport Max series and is a good read for kids who enjoy sport - and Mikaela is very good at sport!
The story is about Jack, a boy who plays in a Rugby League team. He needs to pull out some Killer Moves if his team is going to beat Carlton Park in the finals. He finds his inspiration in some interesting places, including his ballet dancing, karate playing sisters.
Mikaela is sure that you will enjoy this story too.
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  1. Hi Mikaela I like the way you explain
    the story that you read for your awsome podcast I felt like just reading it my self.....

    I realy like your podcast that you and your partner Latisha and how she told us about how sports person you are.

    From:Sarah.L In Room EIGHTEEN.

  2. Dear Latisha and Mikaela,

    I really loved your podcast I thought it was a really great book to favourite bit was when there a grahics

    From Mathew

  3. Dear Mikaela and Latisha

    I really liked the way you prounounced words propaly I thought it was amazing book

    From Samantha

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  5. Hi Mikaela i like your podcast about killer move's and i like the experesion you use Mikaela i would like to hear more podcast's from you.....

    Hi Latisha i really like your podcast that you did with Mikaela it is like you to are twin's on your voice's.

    Tiana From room 17