Saturday, 31 December 2011

KPE Episode 402: "Muddletopia"

Gabriel and Ahsin from Room 17 review a book from the Kiwi Bites series, "Muddletopia" by Kyle Mewburn.


Muddletopia is the most confusing planet in the galaxy. Not only is it completely flat but all the buildings look the same. The most confusing thing of all is that, at first glance, everyone looks alike. One day, Queen Malvina decides to make life easier by putting labels on everything, including people. She believes this will make Muddletopia a much less muddled place to live. However when a big earthquake shakes up Muddletopia everyone discovers just how confusing labels can be.

KPE Episode 401: "Gulliver's Travels"

Starford and Waata review the classic tale, "Gulliver's Travels" by Jonathan Swift in this episode of KPE.  Many kids have seen the movie made from this book, but as these boys share, it is a great idea to read the book too.  Check out their podcast and tell them what you think of the story.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

KPE Episode 400: "Chicken Feathers"

This is an amazing event in the history of Korero Pt England -KPE has published 400 episodes today.
That means Pt Englanders have reviewed 400 books!
Ka pai Pt England kids!

Litia and Vivienne from Room 17 are the producers of this celebration podcast and have done us proud again.
They have chosen "Chicken Feathers" by Joy Cowley for this landmark episode, and we know you will enjoy their review. And check out the very cool photography while you listen...

Joshua lives with his parent on a farm with three thousand chickens. Joshua has been around chickens so long that he knows just about everything that there is to know about a chicken. But then Joshua meets Semolina who is quite different from any other chicken he’s ever seen.

Joshua’s father Tucker gives Semolina to his son one day. “She’s a character this one… Too old to lay, fights with the other chickens,” Tucker says. But Joshua likes the scruffy old chicken with ragged feathers nonetheless.

Then Joshua learns the truth about Semolina. The old chicken can talk just a like a human. Joshua tries to tell his parents but they don’t believe him.....


Monday, 5 December 2011

KPE Episode 399: "Follow that Lion"

Jessica interviews Makalita from Room 17 for this episode of KPE. "Follow that Lion" by Rosemary Hayes is a book in the Aussie Nibbles series.

Hector's mum does some very strange things, but even he is astonished when his mum brings home a lion, and expects it to be a vegetarian. The lion wants meat desperately, and so follows a mad chase. 

They say the author's message is to get a pet that you can look after properly!  And we're guessing that a lion doesn't quite fit the bill...


KPE Episode 398: "Only Tadpoles have Tails"

"Only Tadpoles have Tails" by Jane Clarke is the latest podcast by Maru and Caroline from Room 17. This is a lovely story about friendship and responsibility.

Kicky the frog is upset that he still has his tadpole tail. He endures teasing from the other rainforest frogs because he is the only one who still has a tail. Although his friend assures him that it's only a matter of time before it falls off, he is still impatient - until piranhas attack and Kicky's tail saves the day. The tail helps him to swim faster and escape the piranhas, before it finally drops off. 


Sunday, 4 December 2011

KPE Episode 397: "Lucy's Bear"

Caroline and Maru from Room 17 are pleased to share their review of "Lucy's Bear" by Philip Holden in this episode of KPE.

Theodore Bear is Lucy's constant companion, and certainly the best dressed teddy bear in Auckland. He secretly longs to play rugby for New Zealand, but at present he is quite content to accompany Lucy on an adventure-packed South Island holiday. 


Saturday, 3 December 2011

KPE Episode 396: "Meet The Kreeps New Step-Mummy"

Brooklyn interviews Maru about "Meet The Kreeps New Step-Mummy" by Kiki Thorpe. This is the second book in the Kreeps series.

Polly can't believe that her dad actually likes Veronica Kreep. But that doesn't compare to how she feels now that the two are getting married! And if Polly thought the Kreeps were bizarre, that was only because she hadn't met the extended Kreep family yet! One thing's for sure, marrying a Kreep is anything but boring! Polly Winkler just wants to be a normal kid in a normal family. When you're ten, that's hard enough. But it's even harder when your dad decides to marry the mother of the weirdest family in town!
Polly seems to be the only one in her family who sees how strange the Kreeps really are. Her older sister is too busy cheerleading to notice anything and her younger brother is consumed with preparing for the county spelling bee championship.
With the Kreeps around, Polly is always at risk of dying of embarrassment. But at least she knows that life will never be boring!


KPE Episode 395: "The Lost Watch"

Makalita interviews Jessica about Phillipa Werry's very popular book, "The Lost Watch".

This is a great story about about things going wrong when someone had forgotten to "be in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time"!  And the courage it takes to own up when you have done the wrong thing.


Wednesday, 30 November 2011

KPE Episode 394: "Jason Prince"

Alexandria has been reading "Jason Prince" by Max Dann and Caroline interviews her for this podcast.
We find out about the life of a Prince in this "Aussie Bites" book and these girls really enjoy talking about it.

Jason Prince lives in an enormous mansion with twenty-seven servants and his own theme park. But he has only ever left his grounds once. Now he meets Grace, and she sets out to show him how the other half lives!


KPE Episode 393: "Big Fish, Little Fish"

"Big Fish, Little Fish" by Melanie Drewery is the latest book to be podcast by Kobe and Logan.

All New Zealanders are familiar with the sea because our country is surrounded by water.  And lots of us have great fishing memories and stories.
Check out this podcast and tell us what you think of the fishing story at the centre of this book...


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

KPE Episode 392: "The BFG"

"The BFG" by Roald Dahl needs no introduction and you will enjoy participating in Chante and Brooklyn's review of this well loved book.
For listeners who have missed out on this story, here is an introduction:

This story is about a little girl named Sophie. One night, when Sophie cannot fall asleep she sees a giant blowing something into the bedroom windows down the street. What could it be? The giant notices her, reaches through the window, and carries her to his home in Giant Country. Once there, he tells her that he is the world's only benevolent giant, the Big Friendly Giant or BFG, who operating in the strictest secrecy, collects good dreams that he later distributes to children.

Listen to their podcast and tell us which part of the BFG is YOUR favourite....


KPE Episode 391: "The Wednesday Wizard"

 "The Wednesday Wizard" by Sherryl Jordan is presented by Darius and Marvin from Room 17. This is a medieval wizard / time travel  story. They have a really interesting  and wide ranging discussion in this podcast and we are confident you will enjoy it.

Check it out and tell us what you think...

When apprentice wizard Denzil miscasts a spell, he finds himself transported from his medieval village to the twentieth century. After much mischief and mayhem, he manages to return to his own time and place.


Monday, 28 November 2011

KPE Episode 390: " The Icecream Cowboys"

Kobe and Logan discuss "The Ice-cream Cowboys" by Adrian Boote in this latest podcast.

George Dobbs is a worrier who even worries about worrying! When the Ice Cream Cowboys promise that their ice cream can make him fearless he's not so sure, but, unfortunately the ice cream falls into the wrong hands and now he really needs to worry. 

This book is a sequel to "The Lemonade Genie", so you might like to read that next!


Sunday, 27 November 2011

KPE Episode 389: "Josh and the Tooth Fairy"

Caroline and Alexandria from Room 17 share a story from a School Journal called "Josh and the Tooth Fairy"

Has the tooth fairy ever visited you?  Maybe you could share your experiences with us in the comments below.

School Journal Part 1, Number 1 2009

Monday, 14 November 2011

KPE Episode 388: "Tongue-Tied"

Crusader from Room 17 has been reading "Tongue Tied" by Paul Jennings and Darius interviews him about it.  
"Tongue Tied" is one of 8 stories in an anthology and it may surprise you to hear these boys enjoyed it!  
Sure it takes place behind a toilet!!! BUT it has romance, kissing and a creepy scene with a fish!  We think you need to check this out....

Have you ever
* Swallowed a live fish
* Seen bugs in hailstones
* Had luminous teeth
* Used a smell-detector
* Been a ghost

No? Then read about kids who have – eight twisted tales to leave you tongue-tied.
By the master of madness – The one and only Paul Jennings

KPE Episode 387: "Goodbye Toss"

Vivienne has read "Goodbye Toss" by Diane Noonan and Ashleigh is her DJ for this podcast.
'Super Ace' is the name Toss and Al give to the cool new go cart they are making for the annual derby which has the whole school agog with rumour..... 
This book has a lot to offer Pt England kids because we are really into the soap box derby - as anyone who visits our school knows.  Our shiny red go cart sits in the foyer and every year we bring it out to race in the Auckland champs.
Anyway, listen to this podcast and hear about some other kids who love their derby racing....


Sunday, 13 November 2011

KPE Episode 386: "Singenpoo Strikes Again"

Marvin has been reading "Singenpoo Strikes Again" by Paul Jennings and Darius interviews him.
Cats are dumb. They can't read. At least that's what Major Mac thinks. But Scott knows that Singen Poo is a special kind of cat, and if he can prove it, they'll beat that bulldog Mungo the Marvellous and mean Major Mac. Scott knows that his cat, Singenpoo can read. But will he be able to prove it? The competition is on... The hilarious sequel to The Paw Thing.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

KPE Episode 385: "Agnes the Sheep"

This hilarious yarn about Agnes, a sheep with a very bad temper, follows the efforts of a couple who try to save her from the slaughterhouse.  

William Taylor has written another kiwi tale about Belinda and Joe, two feuding classmates, who become unlikely allies when they are named caretakers of a sheep. Not just any sheep, but a hulking, obstinate sheep named Agnes. It all begins when they are assigned to visit a local "pioneer." Bored at first with the assignment, they soon find that the life of Mrs. Carpenter was anything but ordinary.

You will enjoy Vivienne and Ashleigh's discussion of this book, but if you get confused about where the 'Angus' references come from, you have to say....."Only in G.I."!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

KPE Episode 384: "Wearing the Poppy"

Chante talks to Brooklyn about "Wearing the Poppy" by A J Toledo.
If you have ever wondered;
Why do New Zealanders wear red poppies on ANZAC Day? What is ANZAC Day all about? Why does a flower mean so much to so many people? 
Then this book is for you...

This moving story of the first ANZACs is told through the experiences of one family, whose letters, diaries and memories bring to life New Zealand in the First World War. How the red poppy came to symbolize a lost generation is a poignant and fascinating account, filling in the gaps for young New Zealanders who are discovering their own family history.


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

KPE Episode 383: "Sniwt"

Vivienne from Room 17 interviews Shoal about "Sniwt" by Justin D'ath.

You will have guessed that this is TWINS backwards. The main characters in this story are twins called Sally and Olly. These twins are kidnapped by aliens, and as the story goes along there is a lot to get your nodz around! Two zzziplas, one pair of twins, a blinding pink flash and then - ffzzzzzpwt! - goodbye Sally and Olly, hello Solly and Ally. Twins become sniwT. And only the Chykkans can fix-up the mix-up.
Tell us what you think....


KPE Episode 382: "The Cabbage Patch War"

Starford and Kingston review "The Cabbage Patch War" by Paul Jennings for this episode of Korero Pt England.

What does this story include? Try this....
A barbecue from hell. Spuds on the roof. 
A visit from the police. It was war, 
a fight to the finish between Dad and Whacka. 
And Chris was right in the middle of it. 
All because Dad vomited in the cabbage patch. 


Monday, 24 October 2011

KPE Episode 381: "Attacked"

Shoal and Ashleigh have been reading "Attacked" by G Brassi.  
This is a very popular book with Pt England kids and you will discover why when you have heard this podcast.
Attacked is the story of a fishing adventure which takes place around the islands near Whitianga. Livvie goes fishing with Jack and his dog, Serge. When Jack is attacked, Livvie has to overcome her own fears, not to mention engine problems, to get them all back to shore in one piece...


KPE Episode 380: "The Base"

Onosai and Kobe review a book called "The Base" by Carlo Gebler.
As well as learning about "The Base" we find out in this podcast that both of these boys have lived on a farm before they came to live in Auckland!  See if you can figure out where they lived.
In this story:

"The Coin children are delighted when they find an abandoned shed, perfect for their new base. But when they disturb some surprising visitors, they realize it's not only their secret...."


Friday, 21 October 2011

KPE Episode 379: "Giant Jim and the Hurricane"

Tau has has been reading "Giant Jim and the Hurricane" by Jeremy Strong. Donyae interviews him for this podcast.
Check it out....

When Giant Jim comes to town, people are terrified they'll be eaten, or squashed. But Jim is a good giant - he only eats omeletes, likes music and wants somewhere to live. Unfortunately he just can't do things right. He makes a racket with his saxophone, squashes the Town Hall and his hen even lays a giant egg on the library - and so he is banished. When a hurricane hits the town Jim's hen looks after people while he puts the town back together again. People are delighted and Giant Jim is allowed to live in a huge barn in the town.....