Monday, 20 August 2007

KPE Episode 123 - "Professor Ponsonby, McIntosh and the Wool Bug"

"Professor Ponsonby, McIntosh and the Wool Bug" by John Parker.This episode of KPE is presented by Uani and Keletiola from Room 15. Both girls are in Year 5. When the dreaded Wool Bug appears in Baaville, the world famous sheep town is in trouble. So Professor Ponsonby, assisted by his cat McIntosh, decides to come to the rescue. The only trouble is, Professor Ponsonby's inventions never work quite the way Baaville wants them to....


  1. Prophesor Ponsonbe is a really crazy scintist but I learned that you have to trust anyone even though they are crazy and invent lots crazy things. But I think you 2 did a great job and I hope to see more of your next Podcast.

  2. Hey nice podcast girls.U were fantastic and i really like your expression keletiola.I think that you 2 did a great job and im looking forward to see more podcast.

    From Keletiola