Sunday, 26 August 2007

KPE Episode 126 -"Boxer"

"Boxer" by Ian Charlton is presented by Brennah and Rose from Room 14. Both girls are in Year 5. Boxer is a pig - the nastiest, greediest, rudest pig in the world. He spends his life escaping from his pen and destroying the garden. Dot, her Mum and brother Charlie have to rely on Dad to show Boxer who is boss. But then one day the postman brings a letter that will change all that. Dad is called up to join the army and Dot is given a new responsibility while Dad is overseas - looking after Boxer. Brennah says, "Boxer was a big mean pig. The book was a bit sad because Dad left for the war." Rose says, "I didn't like it when Boxer kept on breaking out of his pen."

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