Wednesday, 21 July 2010

KPE Episode 292: "Eureka"

This podcast from Sylvia and Kayla is about a book called "Eureka" by Sandy MaKay. We were very priviledged to have Sandy McKay visit our school several years ago and make a podcast with us about another one of her books.
"Eureka" sounds like another great story and we think you will enjoy the way Sylvia and Kayla talk about it. We also think you will enjoy the talents of the photographer for this episode - it looks like they had a lot of fun on their photo shoot!

"It's science fair time again and, as usual, Joey and Todd are stuck for ideas. Their teacher keeps imploring them to look for things in their every day lives that they could make better, but they still don't have a clue. Then, Eureka! Joey decides the thing that needs the most improvement is his frazzled single mother, so he starts experimenting..."

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

KPE Episode 291: "The Dare Club"

"The Dare Club" by Vince Ford is podcast and superbly illustrated by Joshua and Matthew from Room 17. Vince Ford is another very popular children's author at Pt England School and this book is very entertaining. It deals with the subject of bullying and how kids can deal with bullying if they stand up against it together.

KPE Episode 290: "Evil Fred"

 "Evil Fred" by Kylie Begg is Unaloto's first podcast and he has worked with Joe from Room 17 to present this book as a podcast. We know you will also enjoy the animation Unaloto created to illustrate a part of the story they don't get time to talk about.
This book is very popular with Pt England students and we are sure you will enjoy the way these two Year 6 boys discuss the book.  It involves a very evil family, the Rancids, and the way they try to corrupt a very cute dog.  Let them know what you think of their podcast...

Sunday, 18 July 2010

KPE Episode 289: "Snake and Lizard"

Aidan and Kobe from Room 17 tell us about "Snake and Lizard" by Joy Cowley in this episode of KPE.  They point out that we don't have snakes in New Zealand although we do have lizards and skinks. They have drawn some cool graphics to illustrate their podcast as well. Let them know what you think...

KPE Episode 288: "No Big Deal"

"No Big Deal" by David Hill is a novel from the Kiwi Bites series and Dante and Mary have chosen it for their first podcast.  These girls are Year 5 students in Room 15 and they have provided a great resume of this story about the adventures some kids have on a visit to an outdoor pursuits centre.
Have a listen and tell them what you think of their review.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

KPE Episode 287: "Chocolate Porridge"

"Chocolate Porridge" comes from an anthology by Margaret Mahy called "Wait For Me!" and Lola and Oshania from Room 15 have chosen this for their latest podcast.
The story is about a boy who appears to have way too many sisters and who is thwarted in his attempts to learn to cook. He uses his imagination and has a cooking session with interesting ingredients and a very interesting outcome. Have a listen....!

KPE Episode 286: "Wonderful Wheels Day"

"Wonderful Wheels Day" by Philippa Werry and Alice Bell is podcast by Makerita and Brooklyn from Room 15. This book is a sequel to The Lost Watch, which we have podcast in the past.
Henry finds himself in another awkward situation. Last time he'd taken Dad's new watch to school when he knew he shouldn't. 
This time the school is to have a day where all the students are allowed to bring their wheels to school, whether bike, roller blades or skateboard. Henry has a brand new pair of roller blades and is the envy of his friends. But Henry never mastered using them and now Wonderful Wheels Day is about to reveal his embarrassing secret.

Check out this synopsis:
Henry’s teacher Miss Grace wants to reward Room 4 for their excellent work and behaviour. If all the students keep trying hard they will get a Wonderful Wheels Day at the end of the term. On Wheels Day you get to bring inline skates or skateboards or bikes to school and ride them around the playground while everyone else is in class. Everyone in room 4 is excited – except Henry. Henry is dreading Wheels Day. He can’t ride a bike or use rollerblades. The trouble is he has no balance. Henry is worried that he will make a fool of himself in front of all his friends and plans to come up with a way of getting out of Wheels Day.

Friday, 16 July 2010

KPE Episode 285: "The Wild Wests and the Haunted Fridge"

"The Wild Wests and the Haunted Fridge" by Joy Cowley is podcast by Kayla and Sylvia from Room 17.  The Wild West series is a favourite with Kiwi school kids and this crazy book is another good one.
"Michael is an only child of doting parents who believe that it is important to know the right people, say the right things and live in the right kind of house. They are not exactly enthusiastic when their relatives the Wests move into the next street but Michael can't wait to spend more time with Auntie Rosie, Uncle Leo and their five children who are known as the wild West gang. No one in the West family has ever heard of the word "tidy" and they all do exciting things that sometimes get them into trouble. "