Wednesday, 25 July 2007

KPE - Celebrating 100 Episodes

KPE Episode 100 - "Down in the Dump With Dinsmore" by Margaret Mahy

This is a big day for KPE because we have come a long way since August 2005 - and we have read a lot of books! When we first started out we hardly knew what podcasting was and now we are experts! Go Pt England!
In this episode Lorenz tells us about
"Down in the Dump With Dinsmore" and Rakai has his first venture into podcasting as the DJ. Dinsmore, the hero of this story, loves exploring the great merry-go-round of the world. It is such an interesting place! But his parents don't agree and his school principal complains. Nobody, it seems, wants to know about the dump. Except Dinsmore - and he discovers some interesting things at the dump - including things his principal didn't want discovered...
Lorenz says; "I really enjoyed reading it because just like my moral says (in the podcast) it doesn't matter what you are like on the outside, it's what's on the inside that counts. I also learnt that when you explore lots of different places you find things that are interesting."
Today was also a big day for the school community because there was an article in the NZ Herald about our podcasters and Lorenz had his photo there, with Braxton, and he was interviewed by the reporter.
This is what he writes about that experience; " My Mum and Dad will be very proud of me for being in the paper. Just from telling people about podcasting got me into this! And by doing podcasts I'm not shy anymore to go in front of the school to do something..."

Check out what the NZ Herald had to say by clicking here....


  1. I just found your blog because I usually listen to your podcast in iTunes.

    What a great 100th episode boys.

    Your voices are really interesting and you picked a good book to talk about.

    Well done.

    Allanah K

    Appleby School


    New Zealand

  2. Hey guys,
    An awesome 100th Episode, good job!! Sounds like an amusing read, I wonder if the Aussies will appreciate your jokes.
    Keep up the great work
    Toni N

  3. Congratulations on being the producers of the 100th episode boys! You should be really proud of yourselves. You both did a great job with this podcast and room 15 really enjoyed listening to it.

    Ms Erick and room 15

  4. I enjoyed listening to your podcast boys. Great job and keep an eye on Australia and make sure they do not pinch anything else!

    Miss Wood

  5. Hey Lorenz And Rakai,
    Way to go on the 100th podcast episode you must of tried your hardest.Your vocies were good i liked the book you talked about.

    From Rasil

    P.S: Keep podcasting and keep the good work up.

  6. Hey Rakai What a great start I can't belive that you guys made the 100th podcast you must be really proud of yourself