Wednesday, 18 July 2007

KPE Episode 86 - "By Jingo"

KPE Episode 86 - "By Jingo" - A Tale of Old New Zealand, by Dorothy Butler

Kayla from Room 17 presents her first podcast for KPE and Crystal, another Year 6 student is her DJ. This book is based upon a true story of what took place in Thames in 1905 and features the Brown Family. The oldest son John is returning from a two year sojourn in Australia - and his gift for his sister Emily is a monkey!
Have any of you ever been to Thames? Tell us about it...

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  1. It was really cool doing the podcast. I have never done a podcast before and this was fun. I would like to do loads of podcasts. I liked the part when the monkey was on Emily's shoulder coz it was funny.