Wednesday, 18 July 2007

KPE is starting a blog

Hi there to everyone who listens to KPE.
We have had requests to start up a blog so that our listeners can leave us comments and tell us what they think of our podcasts, our podcasters and the books they have reviewed.

So here we are, on blogspot. Unfortunately we couldn't get the name KPE as someone else has already grabbed that, but fortunately we also podcast with kpeTV, our video podcast. You may need to bookmark this page to make sure you can find us easily.

Our first question was, where to start with posting summaries of our podcasts as we have done so many. Who would have thought when we started out in August 2005 that we would be still going strong 100 podcasts later! Well done to all you fantastic podcasters. We have decided to start our posts at Episode 80. If you want to make comments about earlier podcasts, perhaps you could do it under this post.

We know that lots of kids listen to KPE as part of their Reading activities in class. We are suggesting that instead of writing your reflections in a book, why not post them here so that everyone can enjoy them - especially the podcasters.

Don't forget that you can subscibe to KPE on iTunes and you will have all our new episodes download automatically to your iTunes account.

We look forward to hearing what YOU have to say!

The Pt England Podcasters

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