Wednesday, 18 July 2007

KPE Episode 95 -"Possums2U" by Vince Ford

Mele V from Room 17 has been reading this book and Mele T, another Year 6 student, interviews her. The stories of Vince Ford are great favourites and in this episode we see some familiar characters back again. This time they are making money in the holidays trapping possums. And this couldn't possibly happen without a lot of adventures and excitement along the way.... When Davin hears about earning money trapping possums, the gang organise a camp way out on the boundary beside the river, where they can set their traps. In spite of their planning, the possum trapping venture doesn't go the way they hoped. They're told a 1080 poison drop will take place across the river from their camp. Then the rain starts, and becomes a downpour causing a landslide that blocks their way out. That's when they meet up with Oil Harnett and his brother, Scuz.

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  1. It was exciting and teaches us lots of things.

  2. I really liked your podcast because it told us about possums2U.I did'nt know that possum's skin is made out of a jersey.I also did'nt know that possum's were pet's not pest's.I really injoyed it getting forward to listening to your next podcast Mele V

  3. I liked your podcast because mele t
    talked clearly and melev had a good book to read.I might have to borrow that book off you some time.My Mum has run over a possem like 5 times already but we did'nt make any jersys
    or any things like that, I had to get
    two plastic bags to cover my hands then I threw the possem on the side of the road,any way great podcast you to :)

  4. Great job you two. It's wonderful to see friends enjoying themselves, working together on something so cool. Looking forward to your next podcast, so keep looking out for exciting books to read.

    Mr Chung

  5. kia kaha girls you are awesome.tale Mrs Katu